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Every good marketer knows that companies rely on great photos to help sell products or services, and the food business is no exception. Whether you’re trying to market a catering company, a restaurant, a food blog or a bakery, you might be in need of a food stylist. Professional food stylists use lighting color, shape and texture to create photos of food that people want to eat. These days, you can find food photos splashed all over social media, but some are more beautiful than others. Check out a few of the top food styling influencers in 2020.

food influencers

Laura Muthesius and Nora Eiserman

Website: Our Food Stories, Instagram: @_foodstories_, 1m followers

When you pair food stylist, Nora Eiserman with photographer, Laura Muthesius, you have a match made in heaven. This Berlin-based twosome is the team behind the blog, Our Food Stories, which offers a collection of vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. In addition, you’ll find two series of articles called Dinner Stories and Designtales featuring posts about gathering with others over meals and interior design. Visit this duo’s Instagram feed for beautifully styled photos featuring a moody color palette and lighting.

Linda Lomelino

Website: Call Me Cupcake, Instagram: @linda_lomelino, 763k followers

Swedish native Linda Lomelino never set out for a career in food styling and photography. When cupcakes became all the rage, she began making them as a hobby, and a love for baking blossomed. A decade later, Linda is the author of four cookbooks, and she writes a blog, Call Me Cupcake, where you can find loads of recipes for sweet treats accompanied by scrumptious-looking photos. Examples include spiced pear cake, Swedish cinnamon buns and banana bread with brown butter chocolate spread. In Linda’s online shop, Prints and Props, she sells antique plates, bowls and flatware for creating beautiful food photos along with prints of her own work.

Eva Kosmas Flores

Website: Adventures in Cooking, Instagram: @evakosmasflores, 292k followers

Eva Kosmas Flores is a Portland-based slow food cook, food stylist and photographer. On her blog, Adventures in Cooking she shares stories about her home and garden, tips on photography and food styling, and many recipes which are sorted by season and type of meal. You’ll also find links for courses and workshops Eva offers like her food photography and styling course and you can shop for photography supplies. For a creative display of indoor and outdoor photos, visit Eva’s Instagram feed. Shot in low light, her images offer a comforting, rustic feel.

Julie Lee

Website: Julie’s Kitchen, Instagram: @julieskitchen, 151k followers

Julie Lee is known for her whimsical food collages. Originally, she photographed and posted simple, colorful arrangements of food on Instagram as a way to highlight items offered through local farmers’ markets. Nowadays, her work is featured in magazines around the world. On her website, Julie’s Kitchen, you’ll discover a happy mix of food and photography and opportunities to purchase prints of her work and pick up a few delicious recipes. Check out Julie’s Instagram feed, and you’ll be inspired by her eye for color, design, lighting and fun.

Alanna Taylor-Tobin

Website: The Bojon Gourmet, Instagram: @the_bojon_gourmet, 95.7k followers

Alanna Taylor-Tobin is a gluten-free pastry chef, personal chef and caterer turned food stylist, photographer and blogger. She is a regular contributor to The Picture Pantry, which is full of some of the best food stock photos in the world, and her work has appeared in many noted publications like Food & Wine, The New York Times and Bon Appetit. Taylor-Tobin’s blog The Bojon Gourmet, is filled with loads of gluten-free recipes, or you can purchase her book, “The Alternative Baker.” If you have a sweet tooth, visit the Bojon Gourmet on Instagram for a tastebud-tingling experience.

Kimberly Espinel

Website: The Little Plantation, Instagram: @thelittleplantation, 78.8k followers

The fact that Saveur magazine awarded her blog The Little Plantation their “Best Photography” award shows that Kimberly Espinel knows a thing or two about food styling and photography. As a London-based nutritional therapist, Espinel wears many hats. She sees clients, writes about plant-based diets, develops recipes, and does food styling and photography for cafes, restaurants, cookbooks, magazines and television commercials. On top of all that, Espinel teaches food photography and is an Instagram growth mentor.

Rachel Korinek

Website: Two Loves Studio, Instagram: @twolovesstudio, 50.8k followers

If you want to learn a thing or two about food styling and photography check out Two Loves Studio, a website created by Rachel Korinek, an Aussie now living in Vancouver, Canada. If you subscribe to her site, you’ll receive a free 7-day course on taking better food photos, or you can purchase Korinek’s e-book on making the most of natural light. More available classes include basic set-up for food photography, essentials for good composition and guidance for the best props collection. Visit Korinek’s Instagram feed for a sampling of her work.

Nothing sells a food-related business like beautiful photos, but great food photographs don’t happen by chance. These professional food styling influencers use knowledge, innate ability and experience to create mouthwatering images. If you’re interested in finding more creative folks like this, use this handy influencer discovery tool.