It comes as no surprise that YouTube is enormously popular in the influencer marketing industry. After all, the video-sharing platform is one of the most popular ways for consumers to search for information about products. They want to see how well products work and how happy others are with their purchases. With YouTube, consumers can watch videos of others trying out and commenting on the products they’re interested in learning more about.

As the mobile market continues to surge, so do video platforms like YouTube, featuring engaging videos easily viewed on the go. And as YouTube also offers the perfect format for consumers to watch influencers review and unbox products, it’s a marketer’s dream.

Influencers of all stripes have YouTube channels, and their subscriber numbers vary widely as well. Micro YouTube influencers are typically considered to be those who have from around 10,000 to a few hundred thousand subscribers.

Although they don’t claim the big subscriber numbers that macro influencers do, they do have one very important metric in their favor. That metric is engagement, and high levels of engagement often mean high ROI for brands.

Micro influencers often have a more intimate relationship with their audiences due to their smaller size and often niche focus. They also tend to focus on one product or product line per video, rather than a large assortment of items from a variety of brands. Their YouTube videos often feature product reviews or product tutorials, and their subscribers trust their recommendations

Smart brands and marketers know that micro influencers occupy the sweet spot between nano influencers and macro influencers. The relatively low cost of working with them also allows brands to work with more than one at once.

Working with micro influencers helps brands avoid putting all of their eggs in one basket. It’s a way of avoiding potential risks that might arise from partnering with a well-known influencer who might create very public controversy.

Here are some of the top micro YouTube influencers that brands can partner with on their campaigns:

Beauty and Fashion Influencer Daquana White

With 206,000 subscribers on YouTube, Daquana White is a beauty, style and interior design influencer and an advocate for plus-size women. White’s videos cover topics like “Create a Cozy Bedroom Setup with Me!” and “Undetectable Waist Trainers: Plus Size Shapewear.” She posts reviews of products including jeans, swimsuits, wigs and iPhones and also creates unboxing videos of products.

Photography Influencer Omar El-Takrori

With close to 18,000 subscribers on YouTube, photographer Omar El-Takrori reaches an audience that’s serious about photography and wants to learn from a professional. He offers photography tutorials and tips on subjects like how to shoot engagement photos and family portraits and how to get better video outdoors.

Dan Flying Solo Travel Influencer

In addition to his subscribers, Dan Flying Solo’s beautifully shot travel videos also attract plenty of views on YouTube. For example, his six-minute foodie guide to a weekend in Edinburgh racked up more than 11,000 of them.

Spotlighting destinations ranging from Bali and Oman to Macchu Picchu and Mauritius, Dan’s video travel guides feature cruises, treks, road trips and much more. A full-time travel writer and photographer, Dan often opts to explore places that are off the beaten track rather than heavily visited destinations.

Lauris Beinerts

Sometimes YouTube subscribers just want to be entertained, and writer, producer and director Lauris Beinerts does exactly that, amusing millions of viewers with his videos. His 91,000 subscribers know him for his short, funny videos that comment on some of the more challenging aspects of everyday life.

Office life is a popular subject for the London-based Beinerts, and his audiences find his wry observations relatable. His videos including “The Expert: IT Support” and “The Expert: Progress Meeting” chronicle the travails of an engineer trying to adjust to the corporate world.

Lifestyle Influencer Sarah Tripp

Sarah Tripp, who goes by the name Sassy Red Lipstick on YouTube, is a lifestyle, fashion and body positivity influencer. Tripp creates a sense of intimacy with her subscribers by sharing personal moments with them.

Many of Tripp’s videos center around experiences she has with her husband, like building their first home and the couple’s top 10 Disneyland hacks. One very personal experience she shared with her nearly 9,000 subscribers on YouTube was her husband’s reaction when he learned of her pregnancy. In a video sponsored by consignment site The Real Real, Tripp unwraps pre-owned gifts from the site by luxury brands including Chanel and Valentino.

Searching for Top Micro YouTube Influencers

As video continues to skyrocket in popularity on social media channels and apps, brands are turning to YouTube influencers to reach their target markets. Brands also know that YouTube is an excellent way to reach mobile audiences. Partnering with top micro YouTube influencers offers brands access to these highly engaged audiences.

Some brands report that they struggle with influencer discovery, but finding the right influencers for campaigns doesn’t have to be frustrating. Micro YouTube influencers typically reach niche audiences, and their subscribers can range from plus-sized consumers to those who are fans of short, funny videos. Marketers can find more influencers like this at