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Whether they’re reviewing the latest role-playing game or revisiting classic consoles, video game vloggers offer insight into the gaming industry’s past, present and future. Many of them simply play through their favorite titles. And as they do so, they provide commentary that ranges from informative to hilarious.

YouTube is filled with gaming vloggers, and it’s not always easy to know who’s going to provide the most valuable content. If you’re a gamer or a marketer looking for an influencer with roots in the gaming community, which vloggers should you keep an eye on? We’ve compiled a list of influencers who stand out.


Irish gamer Seán William McLoughlin goes by Jacksepticeye on YouTube, and he’s amassed a following of more than 22 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Why do so many people tune in to his vlogs? He’s incredibly energetic and his quirky humor leads to plenty of laughs. From Undertale and Minecraft to Slime Rancher and The Sims 4, his videos cover a range of titles.

Although most of his vlog collection is about video games, he also includes video content that’s focused on sketch comedy. McLoughlin also interacts with fans on Twitter, where he has more than five million followers, and Instagram, where he has more than 6.5 million followers. He frequently posts about his latest projects and videos and any other content he finds interesting.


Mark Fischbach’s more than 24 million YouTube subscribers know him as Markiplier. Markiplier started creating video content in 2012. His initial content focused on Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Minecraft. He soon branched out to cover other games as well, including Grand Theft Auto 5 and a wide range of horror games.

Not one to limit his reach, Markiplier is active on a host of platforms, including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. He is also known for his charity work. His livestreams have helped him raise more than $3,000,000 for charitable causes, such as fighting homelessness.

In 2019, Markiplier, alongside Rooster Teeth, launched the first-ever interactive YouTube special. Viewers control Markiplier’s actions as he tries to steal loot from a museum.


Evan Fong, creator of the YouTube channel VanossGaming, has a following of more than 24 million subscribers. A host of animated content helps him stand out from other vloggers, but he also has a knack for entertaining commentary. Games such as Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty 4 seem to be among his favorites.

Fong doesn’t limit himself to the realm of video games. He has also carved out a place for himself in the music industry. When he’s creating music, he uses the name Rynx, and he’s set to go on tour at the end of 2019.

On Twitter, his VanossGaming account has more than three million followers. He primarily uses that account to share video game-related content; however, his other account (@evanfong), offers a better glimpse into his personal life.


British YouTuber Daniel Middleton, DanTDM, has an audience of more than 22 million subscribers on YouTube. Although Minecraft has been his main obsession throughout the years, he also treats viewers to content focused on titles such as Fortnite and Super Mario Odyssey.

Like many of the other YouTubers on this list, DanTDM does more than just play video games. In 2016, he published a graphic novel called “DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal.” With the help of illustrator Doreen Mulryan, Middleton shares a story in which the protagonists must collect five shards of a powerful extraterrestrial crystal.

In 2018, Jacksepticeye, VanossGaming, Markiplier and DanTDM all made the list of top 10 highest paid YouTubers. Each made well over $15 million, thanks to their ability to create high-quality vlogs and other viral content.

While the aforementioned vloggers are big names in the gaming community, other content creators hold plenty of respect as well. Here are just a few other vloggers to check out.

Game Theorist

Matthew ‘MatPat’ Patrick, also known as the Game Theorist, has more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube. He takes deep dives into theories surrounding some of the most popular game series, such as Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. In 2018, Patrick launched a game called The Theorist Gateway, which has amassed more than 400,000 unique players.


Tiffany Garcia started the YouTube channel iHasCupquake in 2010. Since then, she’s gained more than six million subscribers. From Minecraft to Sims 3 University, her content explores various titles. She also shares animated content, songs and DIY guides.


Jason Gastrow, Videogamedunkey, has an audience of more than five million YouTube subscribers. He’s known for his hilarious gaming clips and, on occasion, more serious video game reviews. Most of his fame was built on his League of Legends content, but now he covers a much wider range of titles.

These are just a sampling of the many video game vloggers who make entertaining content. Marketers with an interest in expanding their audience size and increasing brand awareness should aim to form partnerships with influencers who catch their eye.

An influencer’s credibility with their audience allows them to serve as a reliable bridge between a brand and consumers. With that in mind, influencers can offer brands all sorts of services, ranging from lengthy product reviews to the casual endorsement. When searching for an influencer, look for someone who shares your brand’s values and sense of purpose.