You’ve already identified your audience. You know things like your average customer’s age, gender, and income. So, now it’s time to make a genuine connection with your audience on social media and other online platforms. By doing so, you’ll inspire customers to remain loyal throughout the ups and downs. Here are a few strategies to help you accomplish that goal. 

Create a Shared Sense of Purpose

A solid connection begins with a shared vision for the world. 

Your brand’s values and mission should be easy to understand and reflected in your products and services. When your purpose is clear and relatable, your customers don’t just want to buy your products; they want to see your vision play out. 

With that in mind, take time to refine your vision and ensure it aligns with your business decisions and digital marketing plan. For example, if your brand prides itself on inspiring creativity and innovation, your social media posts should be anything but dull or predictable. 

Encourage Feedback

Make it easy for your customers to share their opinions. On your business blog, provide a space for comments. On your social media platforms, end your messages with questions and invitations to start a dialogue. You can even set up polls so customers feel they have a voice when it comes to the brand’s future products and overall direction. This also gives you a way to gauge interest in your latest business ideas.  

And Then Use That Feedback

Show you’re listening to your audience by implementing some of their suggestions. Maybe a Twitter poll shows that your customers want your product to be available in a wider variety of colors. When you make those design changes, announce the new colors on social media and thank your customers for the feedback. 

Respond to Concerns

When you open yourself up to feedback, you can’t expect it all to be positive. Some customers will use the platform to share their complaints and concerns. Don’t ignore the criticism. Respond promptly and in a way that shows you take your audience’s satisfaction seriously. 

Highlight the Praise

When praise does come your way, share the compliments. For example, on Twitter, you can retweet especially kind and thoughtful comments. It also doesn’t hurt to offer a simple “Thanks!” to the specific customer. Regularly show your appreciation for positive engagement

Let Your Audience in on the Process

Draw your audience in with some behind-the-scenes footage of your operation. Maybe this involves a virtual tour around the office or even a look at old prototypes and scrapped designs of products. This is a good opportunity to not only connect with your audience, but educate them about your industry as well. 

Stay Engaged

It’s easy to use each of these suggestions once and then forget about them. But if you’re going to make an authentic and lasting connection with your audience, you have to incorporate these ideas into your business’ daily operations. Hire a social media expert to respond to complaints and praise. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of useful audience feedback. Offer sneak peeks at any upcoming products or business changes. Make engagement and transparency part of your brand’s identity