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If you’ve ever tried to sell your goods or services online, you probably have some experience with digital marketing. Digital marketing occurs whenever you use electronic media to reach out to online consumers. So, whether you’re maintaining a business blog or just posting brand updates on social media, you’re engaging in digital marketing.

But are your efforts efficient and effective? Or are they scattershot or unsuccessful outreach attempts?

It’s difficult to find online business success without the right digital marketing strategy. And it’s difficult to implement the right strategy without the right tools. Here are a few tools you should consider utilizing during your next campaign.

Analytics Tools

Trying to run an online business without knowing your website analytics is like trying to drive a car without your dashboard gauges. Analytic tools inform you of the campaign’s current progress and help you identify signs of trouble. Look for tools that help you measure:

  • Total number of visitors to your site
  • Number of new or returning visitors
  • Where the traffic is coming from
  • How long visitors stay on your site
  • How often visitors make a purchase

With this information, you can determine what aspects of your strategy are working and which you should drop.

Organizational Tools

Digital marketing can be a complicated field, with lots of moving and evolving parts. Extensive campaigns also require you to work alongside numerous teammates. Project-management tools can help you keep track of every task and pass work back and forth between multiple people. For example, once a writer has completed a blog, she can forward the document to an editor via a task-management system.

These kinds of tools are essential when you’re working with a large team. Otherwise, you risk miscommunication among team members — along with confusion and wasted time.

Email Marketing Tools

Since the early days of the Internet, email has remained a useful tool, especially for marketers. Email campaigns can promote your latest products and services, boost website traffic and strengthen your ties with customers. But your emails need to look professional, so look for marketing tools with customizable templates.

Don’t have time to handle the emails yourself? Look for tools that help you launch a drip campaign, which involves sending automated messages to your customers over a set period of time. Use an email analytics tool to see how customers respond to your current messaging strategy.

Influencer Search Tools

Sometimes the best way to reach your audience is to let a social media star shine a light on your brand. That’s the basic idea behind influencer marketing. You don’t want to trust just anyone to represent your business though.

Influencer marketing platforms give you access to a database of influencers, as well as the tools to sort through them all. This ensures you find individuals who share your brand’s values and can deliver the type of content you want.

Additional Tools

Although the tools we’ve listed are great places to start, most marketers find they need even more ways to enhance their consumer outreach. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

For example, SEO research tools help increase your business’s visibility. Social media tools allow you to schedule posts. And graphic design tools enhance your brand’s aesthetic. Familiarize yourself with the most effective marketing tools at your disposal.