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Whether it’s on a commute, in the gym, or while doing dishes, people listen to podcasts on all sorts of topics, making podcast content marketing more popular. Many brands have found that adding a podcast to their content marketing strategy increases their reach and brand engagement.

A podcast is a recorded audio show, similar to a radio show. The original term came from shows made for the Apple iPod device, but modern podcasts can be played in many different formats. Some podcasts are conversations between an interviewer and an influencer or other expert on a given subject, others are more like conversations between two friends. Some podcasts are elaborately scripted and designed to entertain, others are more of a free-for-all event.

For content marketers, a podcast is an additional tool for engaging with a brand’s influencers and stakeholders. The basics of podcasting are simple, but a good podcast requires an upfront commitment of time and an investment in some resources. After all, podcast content marketing should enhance your brand, not cheapen it.

How to Get Started with Podcast Content Marketing

First, determine what the show will be about and how it will be structured. The format can vary. For some brands, a short talk by an influencer about current trends could be strong. A small business podcaster may set up a show with a founder interviewing a customer or introducing an employee, while other brands may find that professionally produced and scripted podcast content marketing a more effective way to meet goals. The key, as always, is to develop content that resonates and that will be shared.

Then, think about how long the podcast will run. Do you want to do a show every week? For five episodes to follow a story arc? A few one-off case studies? Some podcasts last only a few episodes, but the content is strong enough that listeners are satisfied. Think about the difference between a movie, a limited-run streaming series, and a television show that runs seemingly forever like The Simpsons. There’s no right answer, but “an episode or two until we get bored and move on to something else trendy” is the wrong one. Just as the internet is littered with blogs that were started in 2007 and abandoned after two posts, so too have many would-be podcasters jumped in without a strategy, wasting their time and effort.

What to Include in Your Podcast Content Marketing

Although you could record a podcast on your phone, investing in microphones, audio editing software, and practice will pay off in the long run. The cost of professional-quality equipment and software is coming down, but it’s not free – especially not for a brand that wants to put across a strong image with its content marketing. Many podcasters produce a written transcript of the show for those who prefer text.

More and more content market companies and associations have included podcasting in their own marketing because they see the benefits of podcasting in their daily work. They know that many people find listening to podcasts to be a great way to learn the skills they need, while others want good examples of how podcasting works to inform and persuade stakeholders.

If you want to learn more about podcast content marketing, check out these shows:


IZEA works with brands to produce content and influencer marketing programs. The IZEA ShareWorthy podcast features interviews with industry experts, groundbreaking research, and marketing insider tips. IZEA helps content marketers use podcasts as part of a robust brand engagement strategy, and its podcasts and other content are ways to learn more about how it works.


HubSpot develops and markets software for inbound marketing campaigns, which often include content marketing. The company produces three different podcasts. The Growth Show looks at how people grow businesses, ideas, and even movements. Skill Up provides listeners with information about the latest in marketing and related fields. Weird Work discusses interesting and unusual jobs. These show how different content is used to reach different segments of the company’s customer and influencer base.


Scripted offers content marketers a network of freelance copywriters who can help brands tell their stories. Its podcast offers stories and advice about getting started in effective content marketing.


Contently offers a platform to help content marketers manage their writers and their production process. Its Content Sutra podcast is available on the Apple iTunes platform, and it is a good overview of the content marketing process, including podcast content marketing.

Content Marketing institute

This group is an affiliation of content marketing companies, brands that use content marketing, and producers and influencers who work in the content marketing space. The CMI has three different content marketing podcasts. One is a weekly, 10-minute overview of the very latest news in the field, while the others shows look at best practices and basic steps to getting the most out of a content marketing strategy.