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What comes to mind when you think of luxury travel? Exotic locations; decadent meals morning, noon, and night; and comfortable, exquisite hotels, right? While the world of luxury travel might be out of reach for the average person, it’s still possible to experience it vicariously. Get to know some of the top luxury travel influencers, and you’ll soon feel as if you’re spending your days on a beach or at some other beautiful destination, rather than stuck in the office.

28 Top Luxury Travel Influencers

Christina Vidal

Travel + Leisure named Christina as one of its top luxury travel influencers. Known online as Jet Set Christina, she’s traveled to more than 50 countries so far and aims to share her experiences with people who are hoping to live the lux travel life. She’s also the founder of Water Color Swim and is a soon-to-be mom!

Kate McCulley

One of “Forbes'” top luxury travel influencers, Kate McCulley focuses on sharing the joys of solo female travel with her more than 100,000 followers. She’s been to nearly 75 countries on all seven continents. She has almost 99K Instagram followers.

Eric Stoen

Can you enjoy luxury travel with kids in tow? Eric Stoen and a few of the other top luxury travel influencers on this list say “yes.” Eric is the World’s No. 4 Most Influential Traveler, according to Forbes. He has 326,000 followers on Instagram and is an ambassador for Unbound Merino, G1G and AFAR.

Clint Johnston

Does luxury travel have to be expensive? Not according to Clint Johnston, aka triphackr. Along with breathtaking drone photos on his Instagram, his blog is full of tips to help people enjoy beautiful, relaxing trips on a budget. While he doesn’t post often, he is active on Instagram stories.

Murad and Nataly Osmann

Murad and Nataly are the couple behind the often-imitated “Follow Me To” meme, which features a beautiful woman pulling the photographer toward an equally beautiful destination. The top luxury travel influencers have over 3.6 million followers and have worked with numerous brands. They’ve been named the Influencer of the Year and Top 3 Travel Influencer by Forbes.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten, aka The Blonde Abroad, left her corporate finance job to travel the world. It might seem like a dream, but she’s making it her reality. In addition to inspiring her 520,000 Instagram followers with beautiful images, she’s launched her own female-only travel company.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is another luxury travel influencer who’s dedicated to showing people how to get around without breaking the bank. Johnny shares his tips with 28,000 followers and was named “The Original Travel Influencer” by Forbes. He has a particularly inspiring story, as he got over a fear of flying and now spends more time in a plane and on the road than not.

Tiffany Dowd

Tiffany is a global luxury hotel expert who shares her finds with her almost 86,000 followers. Her Instagram account is full of photos of amazing-looking hotels, beaches, and other luxury destinations. She recommends top restaurants to try and where to book your next hotel stay.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb, the blogger couple behind the Planet D, have been to more than 115 countries and all seven continents. They’ve been named Top 10 in Travel by Forbes and Gold Best Travel Blog and Photography — which they’ve won four times!

Nancy Besharah

Nancy of Luxe Travel Family is an award-winning writer and longtime luxury traveler. Nancy dreamed of being a travel agent until her dad convinced her that travel agents don’t actually get to travel. Today, she blogs about how to enjoy travel even with kids in tow. One of the family’s favorite destinations is Hawaii.

Katie Dillon

Katie created the blog La Jolla Mom to help families enjoy luxury travel. She has extensive experience with luxury hotels and travel, as she and her family lived at a Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong for four years. Her content on Instagram focuses on things to do in the San Diego area.

Kristin Luna

Kristen is a Nashville-based travel journalist and the blogger behind Camels and Chocolate. Her adventures have taken her to luxurious places such as the Maldives, St. Kitts, and Greece. She catalogues her travels with her family.

Naomi Jane Adams

Naomi has an Instagram account that’s full of vibrant colors, such as blue skies and beautiful outfits. Originally based in London, she’s gone glamping in the Maldives, stayed at the Hilton in the Seychelles, and explored Mykonos. Her snaps in these beautiful locations feature stylish luxury fashion.

Hannah and Nick

Luxury travel couple Hannah and Nick document their trips on their blog and share photos of their experiences on Instagram, Salt in Our Hair. The pair also offers plenty of tips for aspiring content creators/influencers, and for people who just want to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing vacation. They have 272,000 followers who tune in for not just locations to visit but tutorials on creating similar content.

Christina Tan

Christina, aka Sassy Chris, is a Travel + Leisure Top Travel Instagram and Top 8 Luxury Travel account. Her Instagram is full of beautiful images of hotels and destinations around the world. She offers restaurant suggestions, things to do in various locations, and where to view amazing views.

Loïc Lagarde

Loïc Lagarde is a travel photographer based in Paris whose pictures will make you wish you were anywhere else. His photos include images of some of the most elegant places on the planet, including Paris and the Greek islands. His content features many views from above.

Jack Morris

Travel photographer Jack Morris is currently living the life in Bali. He spends much of his time traveling the world and seeing all the beautiful places. In addition to his travel content, he offers presets his followers can use for their own photography.

Lauren Bullen

It’s hard not to feel a bit of jealousy looking at Lauren’s photos. Her feed is full of shots of her relaxing on a beach (often in Bali or Australia, her home bases), or otherwise living it up around the world. She also has a rental home in Bali with Jack Morris.

Tara Milk Tea

Tara Milk Tea is a luxury travel influencer from Australia who’s mastered the entire lifestyle category. Her Instagram includes plenty of photos of her relaxing in luxurious hotels, as well as showing brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. Her 1.3 million followers tune in for impressive snaps like this photo in Abu Dhabi.

Lucy Rose Laucht

Travel photographer Lucy Rose Laucht has an Instagram feed that’s full of jaw-dropping shots. Along with her work as a travel influence, Lucy sells some of her prints. Her photography has a unique style and feel. She often shares her photoshoots.

Gigi Hopkins

Gigi Hopkins is the creator of It’s Beautiful Here, which is a collection of luxury travel guides. She’s also a travel writer and content creator who works with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, AFAR and Conde Nast.

Trent + Sarah Adventure Travel

Trent and Sarah consider themselves “The TikTok Travel Couple.” With 685,000 followers, they share short videos of their travels all around the world. They work with brands while visiting some crazy cool areas.


Oyehaug is sharing beautiful, hidden dream locations with all of his almost 200K followers. His videos show unbelievable views and even some travel photos with his dog.


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Natasha Danielle

Natasha Danielle of the World Pursuit on TikTok has traveled to 85 countries and is a full-time traveler. Her 250,000 followers love her travel tips and beautiful locations.

Mikki Tenazas

Mikki shares his travel adventures with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. The beautiful locations he shares will have you hopping on a plane tomorrow to stay at one of these dream places.

Jess and Stephen Valentine

Family YouTubers Jess and Stephen of Flying the Nest travel all over the country with their toddler, Hunter. Their over 1 million subscribers are bound to find their next bucket list location. Plus, if you think you can’t travel once you have kids, think again! Stephen and Jess take little Hunter with them everywhere (and share how it’s possible.)

Torey’s Treasures

Torey of Torey’s Treasures shares a unique perspective on traveling full-time. Torey travels with her partner and stays in a new location for about a month all over the U.S. (and even a few places outside the country). Torey is a fashion blogger who takes her outfits to beautiful areas and even owns her own fitness company.

Tim and Fin

Tim and Fin of Tripped share beautiful travel content that they’re able to create full-time because of their travel gear Amazon shop. Tim and Fin share their adventures around the world, delving into longer “travel shows” on YouTube.


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