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As influencer marketing continues to become more and more popular, more and more brands are expected to give it a shot. To get an idea of how influencer marketing works, it can be helpful to take a look at a few influencers who’ve had great success working with brands or even launching their own brands as a way to capitalize on their popularity. Take a peek at the top brand influencers across social media today.

25 Top Brand Influencers

Joy Cho

On Pinterest, Joy Cho slays. The top brand influencer has more than 12 million followers, hundreds of boards, and thousands of pins. Her creativity and popularity have led to collabs with Target, Incipio, and Band-Aid. She also has 387,000 Instagram followers.

Reichel Broussard

Reichel Broussard’s blog, Copy Cat Chic, is all about getting a luxe home decor look for less. As one of the top brand influencers, she has 54,500 Instagram followers, and has worked with brands such as Delta Faucet.

Emily Henderson top brand influencer

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a blogger, stylist, author, top brand influencer and TV host with 666,000 followers on Instagram. Although she’s mainly into home design and decor, she’s partnered with a variety of brands, including Land’s End and the subscription box service FabFitFun.

Bri Emery

Bri Emery is the graphic designer and blogger behind the blog Design Love Fest. As one of the top brand influencers, she has 797,000 followers on Instagram. She regularly shares posts created in partnerships with brands. Some of the brands she’s worked with recently include Behr Paints and Artifact Uprising.

Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine is the top brand influencer behind the fashion blog Man Repeller. Her work with brands includes making recommendations at popular high-end online retailers, such as Matches, and working on collaborations with brands such as Atea Oceanie and Vestiaire. Medine has 562,000 Instagram followers.

Aimee Song

Fashion and design blogger Aimee Song has 4.7 million Instagram followers, has been named one of “Forbes'” 30 under 30, and created the blog Song of Style. She’s one of the top brand influencers out there and has worked with brands ranging from Olay to Laura Mercier, which apparently offered her $500,000.

Nicolette Mason top brand influencer

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason is a curvy fashion blogger and top brand influencer who also recently launched her own brand, Premme. She has 159,000 followers on Instagram, and has worked with companies such as River Island, Proctor & Gamble, and Bloomingdales.

Jenn Im top brand influencer

Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a fashion and beauty blogger known for her YouTube channel ClothesEncounters, which has more than two million followers. As one of the top brand influencers, she’s worked with brands such as Nordstrom Rack and Simpe Skincare. She’s also recently launched her own line, Eggie.

Danielle Bernstein top brand influencer

Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein is the fashion blogger behind We Wore What, and has 1.7 million Instagram followers. The top brand influencer launched her own line of overalls in 2016, which sold out quickly. Along with her own brand, she’s worked with Nordstrom, Third Love, and Fiji Water.

Rachel Brathen top brand influencerRachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen is a yoga instructor who lives in Aruba and has built up a huge Instagram following: 2.1 million. As one of the top brand influencers, she’s worked with brands such as Gaiam and Sgt. Pepper’s Friends, an animal rescue organization.

Jennifer Selter top brand influencer

Jennifer Selter

Jennifer Selter is a fitness blogger who gained fame thanks to her well-sculpted backside. The top brand influencer has 11.6 million Instagram followers and has partnered with brands such as Rebel’s Refinery and The Perfect Sculpt.

Cassey Ho top brand influencer

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho created Blogilates, which has nearly four million subscribers. As one of the top brand influencers, she’s also got 1.4 million subscribers on Instagram. She’s worked with gym chain 24-Hour Fitness, which uses her brand of pilates (POP Pilates) as its official pilates program.

Manny Gutierrez top brand influencer

Manny Gutierrez

Manny Gutierrez is a boy beauty vlogger with a sizable YouTube (3.8 million) and Instagram (4.1 million) following. Most notably, he’s the top brand influencer recently named the first-ever male ambassador for the cosmetics brand Maybelline.

Zoe Sugg top brand influencer

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is a beauty and fashion vlogger from the UK with more than 12 million YouTube subscribers. In addition to creating videos for brands such as ASOS and Bath & Body Works, this top brand influencer has launched her own beauty product lines, including one sold at Target in the US.

James Charles top brand influencer

James Charles

James Charles is another boy beauty blogger who’s made history. He’s a top brand influencer with 2.7 million followers on Instagram, and was recently named the first male cover girl (cover boy?) by CoverGirl.

Chris Burkard top brand influencer

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a travel photographer with 2.8 million Instagram followers. Since he’s known as one of the top brand influencers taking beautiful nature shots, it makes sense that some of the brands he’s worked with include Keen and Patagonia.

Damon and Jo top brand influencers

Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo have a YouTube channel that’s all about exploring the world. As top brand influencers, they have more than 750,000 subscribers. They also have a blog, and have partnered with brands such as SkyScanner and Target.

Murad Osmann top brand influencer

Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann and his wife Natalie are the top brand influencers behind FollowMeTo, which itself has become its own brand. She has 4.6 million followers on Instagram, and has partnered with brands such as Macy’s and Bochic.

Joy the Baker top brand influencer

Joy the Baker

Baker, blogger and top brand influencer Joy Wilson has published several cookbooks and built up a following of 420,000 on Instagram. Along the way, she’s partnered with brands like KitchenAid and Ghirardelli.

Adam Dahlberg top brand influencer

Adam Dahlberg

Adam Dahlberg’s original YouTube channel, SkyDoesMineCraft, has more than 11 million followers, and led to several partnerships for the gaming vlogger, including with Nintendo and Amazon. He one of the top brand influencers in gaming who have since moved on from “Minecraft.” He recently launched another channel, NetNobody, which already has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Sonja Reid top brand influencer

Sonja Reid

Sonja Reid is a top brand influencer and vlogger with nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers. Although she got her start creating live-streaming videos of herself playing games on Twitch, her YouTube channels feature funny videos on a range of topics. She’s worked with brands like LootCrate and Audi.

Hailey Baldwin top brand influencer

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a member the Baldwin family (Stephen Baldwin’s her dad, Alec’s her uncle). As a top brand influencer, she’s a model with a sizeable Instagram following (10.9 million), and worked with brands ranging from high-fashion labels like Caroline Herrera to online retailers like Revolve Clothing.

Iris Apfel top brand influencer

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is a 96-year-old style icon with 737,000 Instagram followers. As one of the top brand influencers, she’s worked on collabs with brands ranging from INC at Macy’s to HSN.

Kim Kardashian top brand influencer

Kim Kardashian

A list of the top brand influencers wouldn’t be complete without at least one Kardashian/Jenner. So here are two. Kim Kardashian has 105 million followers on Instagram, and has worked with too many brands to list. She’s also launched several of her own brands, including KWBeauty and a line for kids.

Kylie Jenner top brand influencerKylie Jenner

The second Kardashian/Jenner on the list of top brand influencers is Kylie, who has 99.8 million followers on Instagram. Like her half-sister, Kylie’s worked with tons of brands, including Daniel Wellington, AirBnb, and Quay Australia. She’s also busy promoting her own brand of cosmetics on Instagram.

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