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Want to know who has the most influencer on the marketing industry? Check out our list of 24 top marketing influencers sure to share knowledge to give your brand a boost.

24 Top Marketing Influencers

Branden Hampton TOp Marketing Influencers

Branden Hampton

Branden Hampton is the number one social media influencer, according to “Forbes.” As one of the top marketing influencers, he’s built up a following of 65,300 on Twitter, and has thousands more across Instagram and Snapchat. He’s published a book on building a business with less than $1,000, and was the CEO of a marketing agency.

Nathan Allen Pirtle Top Marketing Influencer

Nathan Allen Pirtle

Nathan Allen Pirtle has 2.89 million Twitter followers, making him one of the top marketing influencers. He posts inspiring tweets about his life and other issues. He’s the founder of Work With the Coach, a digital marketing and branding company.

Brian D Evans Top Marketing Influencer

Brian D. Evans

Brian D. Evans has been named one of Inc’s top 500 entrepreneurs and one of our top marketing influencers. He has 406,000 Twitter followers and one of the fastest-growing marketing and advertising agencies in the US. Right now, he’s really into cryptocurrency, and tweets a lot about that.

Mari Smith TOp Marketing Influencer

Mari Smith

Mari Smith has 574,000 Twitter followers, and is another marketer on “Forbes'” list of the top 10 social media influencers. As one of the top marketing influencers, she focuses her posts on Facebook marketing, regularly tweeting insights and advice about getting your message out on FB.

Neil Patel TOp Marketing Influencer

Neil Patel

Marketer Neil Patel is the founder of a bunch of companies, including Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and QuickSprout. He’s a top marketing influencer with 278,000 followers on Twitter, where he regularly tweets about his projects, and trends in digital marketing.

John Rampton TOp Marketing Influencer

John Rampton

John Rampton has made a name for himself in the digital marketing space. He has 1.54 million Twitter followers, and regularly tweets about things going on in the digital marketing world. He’s also the founder of

Amy Vernon Top Marketing Influencers

Amy Vernon

Amy Vernon is a social media and marketing consultant who’s been nominated for a Shorty Award in the Business Blogger category. The top marketing influencer has 28,700 Twitter followers.

Ann Handley Top Marketing Influencer

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the queen of content marketing and one of the top marketing influencers out there. She has 423,000 Twitter followers, and is the head of content for MarkingProfs. She’s been named one of the most influential women in social media and a top blogger by “Forbes.”

Leonard Kim top marketing influencer

Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim is all about personal branding. The top marketing influencer has 520,000 Twitter followers, and often posts tips for establishing and maintain a personal brand. Kim is also a managing partner at Influence Tree.

Pat Flynn Top Marketing Influencer

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn’s claim to fame as a top marketing influencer is Smart Passive Income, a site all about earning money through blogging, affiliate marketing, and other passive methods. He has 152,000 Twitter followers.

Michael Hyatt Top Marketing Influencer

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has 293,000 followers on Twitter and is the founder of Michael Hyatt & Company. The top marketing influencer helps leaders achieve better balance in their lives.

Tim Ferriss Top Marketing Influencer

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’ big claim to fame is the “Four Hour Work Week.” The top marketing influencer has also published a few other books, including “Tribe of Mentors,” which has short-and-sweet advice from some big-time leaders. He has 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Joel Comm top marketing Influencer

Joel Comm

Joel Comm is a live video marketing expert, author and one of the top marketing influencers. He’s got 915,000 followers, and is another marketing influencer who’s hopped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Jon Youshaei Top Marketing Influencer

Jon Youshaei

Jon Youshaei is the top marketing influencer behind Every Vowel, a cartoon series that chronicles the adventures of Y, who works as a marketing associate. The series has been called “Dilbert for millennials,” and has 11,500 followers.

Jason Stone Top Marketing Influencer

Jason Stone

Jason Stone has 94,2000 Twitter followers and 2.7 million followers on Instagram. He’s one of the top marketing influencers all about showing people how to earn lots of money through social media marketing.

Avinash Kaushik Top Marketing Influencer

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik has 188,000 Twitter followers and is known as a digital marketing evangelist for Google. The top marketing influencer has written two books on web analytics and currently writes a blog called Occam’s Razor.

Derek Halpern Top Marketing Influencer

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern founded Social Triggers, an internet marketing strategy firm. As one of the top marketing influencers, he has 70,700 Twitter followers. He often tweets about ways to earn money online and be successful.

Andrew Davis Top Marketing Influencer

Andrew Davis

Top Marketing Influencer Andrew Davis built up and sold a digital marketing agency, published a few books, and now has 19,500 Twitter followers. Over the course of his career, he’s done marketing for companies large and small.

Kimra Luna Top Marketing Influencer

Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna has a small Twitter following — just 6,615 followers. But she’s the top marketing influencer behind the online marketing course Be True Brand You and the Freedom Hackers website.

Daniel Wallock Top Marketing Influencer

Daniel Wallock

Daniel Wallock is a top marketing influencer who’s worked with more than 50 companies and managed the marketing of two crowdfunding campaigns. A survivor of a heart condition, he has 11,400 Twitter followers and regularly tweets inspiring quotes.

Joanna Wiebe Top Marketing Influencer

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe has 27,400 Twitter followers, which may not seem like a lot for a top marketing influencer. But she gets her creds from Copy Hackers, a company that teaches people to write, and that connects startups with copywriters.

Jayson DeMers Top Marketing Influencer

Jayson DeMers

Jayson DeMers is the founder of Audience Boom, a marketing agency based in Seattle. The top marketing influencer has 27,900 followers on Twitter, and regularly tweets about ways businesses can be more productive or improve.

Jeff Bullas Top Marketing Influencers

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a blogger who’s built up a reputation as a content marketing and social media influencer. He has 560,000 followers on Twitter, and a blog that was rated as the top global business blog.

Sam Hurley Top Marketing Influencer

Sam Hurley

Top marketing influencer Sam Hurley is from the UK and has 155,000 Twitter followers. His claim to fame is building up a stellar reputation as an influencer quickly and without having his own website. He’s a growth hacker who specializes in personal branding.

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