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Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for many businesses. The benefits of influencer marketing to a brand’s consumers are undeniable. It ranks highest in terms of effectiveness among social media users, reaches new and niche markets and deepens loyalty between brands and consumers.

But for many businesses, it’s not possible to dedicate an entire team to creating and managing influencer campaigns. For others, using an influencer marketing agency won’t fit into the annual budget. These two barriers easily leave marketers between a rock and a hard place. They know the benefit of influencers but can’t find the resources to implement a campaign.

Enter self-service influencer marketing software. This software allows content marketers to amplify their content through influencers within whatever budget they deem appropriate. Self-service influencer marketing acts as a marketplace, connecting brands and social influencers that share similar values.

Who uses self-service influencer marketing software?

Self-service influencer marketing works best for marketers that have the resources but not necessarily the connections to find the right influencers in their industry. In the past, this barrier, in addition to a lack of automation capabilities and exorbitant costs, has made influencer campaigns difficult to manage in-house

Likewise, influencers were being barred when trying to pitch their expertise and follower bases to companies. They could never be sure that their content was seen by the right people.

Self-service influencer marketing software aims to remove these barriers for both content marketers and influencers. It automates the process and gives marketers access to influencers for campaigns of every size, from a single tweet to a multi-platform takeover.

Why use a self-service marketing influencer platform?

Find the right people faster.
While you may have determined that you can dedicate a portion of your budget and resources to influencer marketing, most businesses can’t dedicate time solely to an influencer marketing campaign. Self-service platforms connect brands with influencers faster, making the most of everyone’s resources. Filtering options ensure that your content is seen by influencers that are authentically interested in your brand’s products or services and match your brand’s audience.

Monitor campaigns and measure success.
Launching a campaign is just the first step. An influencer campaign needs to be consistently monitored to ensure success, and there needs to be a clear way to measure success. Self-service influencer marketing platforms come with integrated analytics capabilities, gathering the crucial information you need to know about your campaign. Furthermore, the results of each campaign provide additional insight into your audiences to refine targeting, messaging and delivery.

Scale campaigns to any size.
Depending on budget, a self-service program can be the best way to scale a campaign up or down. It allows you to engage social media influencers who have the opportunity to share your content with their audience. Campaign budgets of $10, $50, or even $100 are all possible with a self-service influencer marketplace.

Self-service software helps automate the administrative tasks associated with campaigns while maintaining a certain level of vetting and customization for brands. As the sophistication of influencer marketing software increases, it becomes increasingly valuable to businesses ready to explore content amplification.

IZEA ContentAmp

ContentAmp allows you to distribute your blog or website RSS feeds to a network of top social media influencers who promote your content. These influencers share the articles natively with their audiences, instantly increasing traffic and engagement. The entire process is pay-per-click, meaning you only pay for the traffic driven to your content.

And the best part is that campaigns can be setup in 2 minutes or less by following 4 simple steps:

  1. Set Budget
  2. Add Content
  3. Set Distribution Channels
  4. Measure Impact

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