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When you hear the phrase “artificial intelligence,” or AI, what comes to mind? Maybe you see a paranoid android or some creepy “Matrix”-like future world, where humans are controlled by their robot overlords. That’s not the case when it comes to AI influencer marketing.

While about 36 percent of the population believes AI is a threat to the future, most people get AI wrong. AI isn’t all about robots and Terminators. In fact, it’s more about solving problems. A good example of AI in everyday life is using search engines to find information online, or using a translation service like Google Translate.

Influencer marketers are also beginning to use AI to improve their influencer programs. AI influencer marketing can do everything from helping brands find the right influencers to helping brands share and promote content produced by their influencers.



What Is AI Influencer Marketing?

AI influencer marketing uses artificial intelligence to sort through social media profiles to connect a brand with an influencer who seems like a good fit. It can also sort through millions of images, analyzing each one in order to find specific objects or details in the photos.

Not Hotdog AI Influencer Marketing

Image classification is one example of how AI can be used in influencer marketing. With image classification, a machine “learns” what a photo of something looks like, then is able to identify that object in an image. An example of this is the “Hotdog, Not Hotdog” app created on the HBO show “Silicon Valley”.

In some cases, the AI used in influencer marketing goes beyond simply identifying what’s in a picture. It can also analyze the amount of engagement a piece of content received, so that a brand can see what types of content perform best in a campaign.

Why Do Marketers Use AI Influencer Marketing?

Why do marketers use AI for influencer marketing? For one thing, it saves time. When a machine is able to sift through images and identify what’s in them, there’s no need for a human to sort through those images, adding text tags for a computer or search engine to read. The reduction in human power can also mean a greater return on investment for marketers and brands.

AI can also help streamline the process of finding influencers. Finding an influencer means more than simply looking for a social media profile with a lot of followers. There are many fine details brands have to consider, such as the influencer’s niche, who follows the influencer, and what he or she posts about. In some cases, brands might be interested in the specific content of an influencer’s posts. For example, a family-focused brand might want to avoid an influencer who has posted mature content. Likewise, most brands want to avoid working with influencers who post offensive material.

AI can quickly sort through thousands of profiles, reading the language used and analyzing the images used to eliminate anything offensive or inappropriate.

How Can Your Brand Use AI Influencer Marketing?

If your brand is looking to improve its influencer marketing program or wants to see a greater return on investment from an existing program, AI can help. Here are a few of the tasks you can outsource to artificial intelligence:

  • Search for relevant images or video based on objects in the video
  • Search for the right influencers
  • Evaluate influencer content and quality
  • Establish a content archive
  • Share and promote existing content

AI in influencer marketing is something that is constantly evolving. As people learn more about artificial intelligence, they become better able to design machines that can learn and adapt. AI is already providing a valuable timesaver for brand and marketers. In the future, it might prove to be even more useful.

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