Here at IZEA, we’re always pushing code. And, with more and more agencies curating their own networks, we’ve begun to lay the framework for fully privatized Creator networks. In the near future, marketers will be able to build, curate, and activate their own network of Creators separate completely from the wider IZEA network. This is big news for agencies.

Introducing Organization Opp Review

We are changing the way collaboration happens. Historically, MarTech has been lagging in adopting a similar structure to the way agencies actually operate. Agencies often have multiple team members who work on one account simultaneously with an administrator or management layer overseeing it all. Such a process oftentimes led to confusion or miscommunication between stakeholders who may or may not be on the same page. Today, we are changing the game.


Now an Administrator with an IZEAx license has more understanding and control over their private network than ever. With our newly redesigned campaign review and approval process, IZEA facilitates the privatization of networks to match the way agencies work. This workflow revamps the Opportunity review experience for IZEAx Administrators as well as offers the ability to preview programs for mobile devices. Your Marketers may select between the creators you’ve on-boarded into your private network, or from the IZEA network at large- thus expanding your reach when needed.

For Organizations looking to build a network of owned Creators and activate them easily, this feature will aid in that workflow. Many times we’ve seen MCNs and influencer collectives struggle to manage campaigns across all of their creators. We’ve solved that by allowing our platform to become a workflow and campaign management tool for those who need it. A subsequent release will fully privatize Creators by allowing Administrators to review and block any offers originating from the wider network of IZEAx partners. With that future feature, your network will be inaccessible to anyone you choose.

Stay tuned for future updates, and, as always, Champion The Creators!