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Facebook’s ad platform is very user-friendly, even for the novice social media marketer. The same goes for Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and tied directly into its advertising offerings. From the business profile itself, managers can easily boost a post or advertise to users on both platforms with content they want a targeted audience to see. But for marketers new to the tactic, learning all of Facebook & Instagram Advertising Targeting Options can be a daunting task.

Your Complete List of Facebook & Instagram Advertising Targeting Options

Targeting options range from the current fans and followers of a business’s page (great for customer appreciation offers!) to audiences that have no connection to the page at all. For more experienced social media marketers, Facebook also offers a more advanced ad management platform. Audiences can be further refined, and, most importantly, ads created through the ad manager can also be scheduled to appear on Instagram. Two platforms for the price of one!

How effective social media ads are for content amplification depends on a few factors. For example, Instagram ads had a higher click rate and conversion rate than Facebook ads when they first launched. Ads on Instagram feature a large, eye-catching image and a clear call to action, which can explain their success.

Ready to launch a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign? Check out the infographic below for your comprehensive list of Facebook & Instagram Advertising Targeting Options:
Facebook & Instagram Advertising Targeting Options

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