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On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram the people with the biggest followings are all super famous celebrities. But over on Facebook, you’ll find a mix of both traditional celebs with a large number of likes as well as not-so-famous people who just happen to be really good at Facebook. Take a look at these top Facebook influencers.

24 Top Facebook Influencers

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Facebook Influencer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just a big deal on the field or on Twitter. He’s also perhaps the top Facebook Influencer ever, with more than 120 million likes. People don’t just like his page, which has pictures of him playing soccer as well and promoting his sneakers and athletic gear. According to the site, more than two million people are talking about him on Facebook.

Shakira Top Facebook Influencer


Latina pop star Shakira has more than 104 million likes on Facebook, definitely making her one of the top Facebook influencers. Her page is full of music videos and pictures.

Vin Diesel Top Facebook Influencer

Vin Diesel

One of the stars of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise is also one of the top Facebook influencers. Actor Vin Diesel is incredibly popular on Facebook, with more than 101 million likes. His page is full of photos of the actor, either at work or with his family.

Eminem Top Facebook Influencer


More than 90 million people like rapper Eminem on Facebook. People pay attention to this top Facebook influencer for news about upcoming albums and tours as well for info about his merchandise.

Mark Zuckerberg Top Facebook Influencer

Mark Zuckerberg

It seems fitting that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is one of the most influential people on the site. Nearly 90 million people subscribe the top Facebook influencer.

Leo Messi Top Facebook Influencer

Lionel Messi

More than 88 million people like the Facebook page of Lionel “Leo” Messi, another soccer star. Messi plays with FC Barcelona as well as the national team of Argentina. As one of the top Facebook influencers, his page is full of pictures from his personal life as well as details about the work he’s doing with UNICEF.

Rihanna Top Facebook Influencer


More than 81 million people like Rihanna on Facebook, making her one of the top Facebook influencers. The pop star’s page is full of photos of her, pictures of her collab with Puma, and details about her music.

Justin Bieber Top Facebook Influencer

Justin Bieber

As one of the top Facebook influencers, Justin Bieber keeps his 78 million Facebook fans happy with music videos and tour information. In addition to liking his page, more than 1.75 million people are talking about Bieber on their own.

Taylor Swift Top Facebook Influencer

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift isn’t as popular on Facebook as she is on Instagram, but she still has nearly 75 million people liking her page. Those who follow this top Facebook influencer get lots of info about what’s going on with Taylor, as well as cute pictures and videos of her and her cats.

Katy Perry Top Facebook Influencer

Katy Perry

Katy Perry might be the queen of Twitter, but she’s also one of the top Facebook influencers with more than 70 million likes. That still puts her in the ranks of the top Facebook influencers. Her page is full of photos and news about her latest releases.

Beyonce Top Facebook Influencer


Almost 65 million people like Beyoncé on Facebook. People subscribe to the top Facebook influencer to get news of her latest projects and releases, as well as updates on the charitable work she’s doing, such as the Formation scholars program.

Adele Top Facebook Influencer


Around 66 million people have liked Adele on Facebook. The singer posts about her work, including tour updates. As one of the top Facebook influencers, she also puts up posts promoting the work of other singers and artists.

Jackie Chan Top Facebook Influencer

Jackie Chan

Actor and martial arts star Jackie Chan has more than 64 million likes on Facebook. The top Facebook influencer’s page is full of information about his projects, both past and present. There’s also a lot of photos of Chan on the page.

Avril Lavigne Top Facebook Influencer

Avril Lavigne

Pop singer Avril Lavigne recently celebrated getting 50 million likes on Facebook by putting up a video thanking her fans. Other posts on her page include previews of music she’s working on, as well as details about albums and tours.

John Cena Top Facebook Influencer

John Cena

WWE athlete John Cena is one of the top Facebook influencers and has racked up almost 44 million fans on Facebook. His page is full of photos of him with fans, including an album of pictures of him meeting young people at an event for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Nicki Minaj Top Facebook Influencer

Nicki Minaj

Rap artist Nicki Minaj has nearly 43 million likes on Facebook. People look to this top Facebook influencer to learn more about her upcoming projects, as well as to check out plenty of photos of her.

Will Smith Top Facebook Influencer

Will Smith

Actor and former “Fresh Prince” Will Smith has lots of likes on Facebook — more than 75 million. As one of the top Facebook influencers, his page is surprisingly down-to-earth. It features lots of pictures of him meeting fans and others, and showing off photos of Smith with his family.

PerezHilton Top Facebook Influencer

Perez Hilton

Snarky celeb blogger Perez Hilton has more than two million likes on Facebook. The top Facebook influencer’s page is full of the latest celeb gossip, as well as links to his podcast and blog posts.

iJustine Top Facebook Influencer


More than a million people like the FB page of iJustine, a YouTuber and video game blogger. As one of the top Facebook influencers, she posts links to videos featuring her and friends trying out products, as well as videos of her doing fun things, such as riding in a helicopter over NYC.

Fashiontoast by Rumi Neely Top Facebook Influencer

Fashion Toast by Rumi Neely

Fashion Toast is Rumi Neely’s fashion-focused blog. As one of the top Facebook influencers, her page is almost as popular as the blog, with nearly 830,000 followers. The page features OOTDs as well as photos of fashion on the runway.

Wendy's Lookbook Top Facebook Influencer

Wendy’s Lookbook

Nearly 600,000 people like the top Facebook influencer Wendy’s Lookbook, the Facebook page of the fashion blog with the same name. The page is full of outfit photos as well as links to the blog.

Gal Meets Glam Top Facebook Influencer

Gal Meets Glam

The Facebook page for Gal Meets Glam, another popular fashion blog, has nearly half a million likes. People like the top Facebook influencer for the inspirational fashion tips as well as envy-inducing travel photos.

Guy Kawasaki Top Facebook Influencers

Guy Kawasaki

Author and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki has almost 450,000 likes on FB and more than 6,000 people talking about him. The top Facebook influencer’s posts include links to articles on trending topics, helpful videos, and productivity tips.

Veronica Belmont Top Facebook Influencer

Veronica Belmont

Gaming blogger and TV host Veronica Belmont has more than 38,000 likes on Facebook, still enough to make her a top Facebook influencer. She might not be as big as Facebook’s top celeb influencers, but she commands a lot of attention for a woman working in the gaming industry.

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