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According to the 2017 State of the Creator Economy (SOCE) study, people tend to follow the famous on Twitter. So is it any surprise that that the top Twitter influencers are all super famous? Check them out:

25 Top Twitter Influencers You Need To Follow

Katy Perry Top Twitter InfluencerKaty Perry

With more than 97 million followers, pop singer and activist and top Twitter influencer Katy Perry is the undeniable Queen of Twitter. What does she post about? Pretty much everything. Recent tweets were about Earth Day, her new music video, and carrot singer.

Justin Bieber Top Twitter InfluencerJustin Bieber

Love him or hate him, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is one of the top Twitter influencers. He has more than 93 million followers, from true Beliebers to more casual fans. Although a lot of his tweets are about his music and tour, he also regularly posts about charity (such as World Water Day) and promos he’s worked on, such as his T-Mobile ad during the championship football game.

Top Twitter Influencer Barack ObamaBarack Obama

Former president Barack Obama might not tweet a lot (his last tweet, at time of writing, came after the March 2017 terror attack in London), but when he does tweet, more than 87 million followers are paying attention.

Taylor Swift Top Instagram InfluencerTaylor Swift

Pop singer Taylor Swift has more than 84 million followers making her one of the top Twitter influencers. She’s not nearly as active on the site as her rival Katy Perry, but when she does tweet, it’s about her music mixed in with some light politics (like telling people to go vote or standing in support of the Women’s March).

Rihanna Top Twitter InfluencerRihanna

Another pop star, Rihanna is also a top Twitter influencer, with more than 71 million followers. She keeps her followers entertained with posts about her music, her charity work, and her collabs with the athletic brand Puma.

Ellen DeGeneres Top Twitter InfluencerEllen Degeneres

Remember that time Ellen hosted the Oscars and got a bunch of celebs to take selfies with her, using a Samsung phone? So does Twitter, as it’s a pinned tweet on the top of her page, easily seen by her 67.1 million followers. What else does this top Twitter influencer tweet about? Cute pets, celebrity birthdays, and rap feuds. No wonder people love her.

Lady Gaga Top Twitter InfluencerLady Gaga

Pop star and top Twitter influencer Lady Gaga has always been known for more than her music. On Twitter, she shares her projects with fans, from new albums to her work raising awareness about mental health issues to her campaigns for Tiffany’s and other brands.

Justin Timberlake Top Twitter InfluencerJustin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake got a lot of fans back in his *NSync days…and lots of those fans have followed him to Twitter, where he has more than 58 million followers. What does this top Twitter influencer post about? Music, golf, and whatever else is on JT’s mind.

Brittney Spears Top Twitter InfluencerBritney Spears

Pop singer Britney Spears keeps her 52.2 million Twitter followers entertained with posts about her music career and family, making her one of the top Twitter influencers.

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Twitter InfluencersCristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is much more than just a soccer star, and his Twitter following is proof of that. The top Twitter Influencer has his own line of soccer gear with Nike and posts plenty of shirtless photos to keep at least a few of his 51.5 million followers happy.

Kim Kardashian West Top Twitter InfluencerKim Kardashian West

You’d be surprised if a Kardashian wasn’t on this list of top Twitter Influencers, right? Kim Kardashian West tweets to her 51.1 million followers about her reality show, her product lines, and her special collection of emojis — “Kimojis.”

Selena Gomez Top Twitter InfluencerSelena Gomez

Pop star and top Twitter influencer Selena Gomez knows how to keep things real for her fans and 47 million followers. She tweets about her music, but also gives occasional shout-outs to fans.

Jimmy Fallon Top Twitter InfluencerJimmy Fallon

Despite what his Twitter bio says, Jimmy Fallon isn’t an astrophysicist. He’s a comedian and a top Twitter influencer, something that’s probably very obvious to his 45.6 million followers.

Top Twitter Influencer Ariana GrandeAriana Grande

Another pop star and top Twitter influencer, Ariana Grande has built up a following of more than 45 million people, tweeting about equality, her music, and dabbing.

Top Twitter Influencer ShakiraShakira

Pop singer Shakira reaches out to her 44.5 million followers in both English and Spanish. The top Twitter influencer’s Tweets include updates about her latest singles, goofy pics, and lots of retweets of fan’s tweets.

Demi Lovato Top Twitter InfluencerDemi Lovato

One of “Time’s” Top 100 most influential people for 2017, singer, actor, philanthropist and top Twitter influencer Demi Lovato has the attention of 42.5 million followers. She tweets PSAs about health, notices about her newest singles, and clips of her appearing on talk shows.

Jennifer Lopez Top Twitter InfluencerJennifer Lopez

What’s J. Lo been up to? Being one of the top Twitter influencers, that’s what! Her 41 million Twitter followers know she has a new show on NBC, is hosting a dance competition on CBS, and is scheduled to be in the remake of “Bye Bye Birdie” next winter.

Oprah Winfrey Top Twitter InfluencerOprah Winfrey

She’s got her own TV network (OWN) and her own magazine, so is it any surprise Oprah also has a big following (36.5 million) on Twitter? As one of the top Twitter influencers, her tweets range from letting people know about her latest projects to keeping people up-to-date about what’s going on with OWN.

Top Twitter Influencer DrakeDrake

This top Twitter influencer might have started from the bottom, but now rapper Drake is near the top with nearly 35 million followers.

LaBron James Top Twitter InfluencerLeBron James

LeBron James’s 34.9 million Twitter followers know that he’s much more than a basketball superstar. The top Twitter influencer regularly tweets about the sport, sure, but he also tweets about the work he’s doing to help kids.

Bill Gates Top Twitter InfluencerBill Gates

Microsoft founder, philanthropist and top Twitter influencer Bill Gates keeps his 34.4 million followers informed about the work he’s doing to help improve medical care and access for people around the world.

Top Twitter Influencer Kevin HartKevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart is one of the top Twitter influencers and knows how to keep his 32.6 million followers laughing. Tweets include commentary on performing live as well as what it takes to be famous (tip: hard work).

Miley Ray Cyrus Top Twitter InfluencerMiley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus has really evolved over the years, from Disney channel princess to outspoken activist to one of the top Twitter influencers. She tweets about human rights and equality to her 32.2 million followers, while at the same time posting silly pictures.

Harry Styles Top Twitter InfluencerHarry Styles

His long hair might be gone, but One Direction’s Harry Styles is still one of the top Twitter influencers with 30 million followers. They’re paying attention to news of his latest singles.

Lil Wayne Top Twitter InfluencerLil Wayne

Rapper and top Twitter influencer Lil Wayne keeps his 29.7 million followers entertained with tweets about music, sports, and pretty much everything else.