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IZEAn Spotlight: Julia Paciga

By October 18, 2016January 20th, 2021Community

Julia is truly a jack of all trades. From working as a Campaign Manager here at a IZEA, to currently being a student at the University of Central Florida, and being the president of Gamma Phi Beta, she certainly does it all!

Julia learned about IZEA from a friend who knew about a job opening on the fulfillment team. It was a small team that was offering part time positions and Julia felt that she fit the bill. After interviewing for the position she got the job and began her journey with IZEA as a Fulfillment Coordinator. “Being on the fulfilment team was tough at times. Being on a small team and running multiple campaigns at the same time can be difficult but it was so rewarding. It’s hard to learn everything at first but once you get it, it’s amazing and you feel like you can figure out any campaign!” IZEA believed in her so much that after almost a year as a Fulfillment Coordinator, they offered her the opportunity to interview for a full time position as Campaign Manager. She said it was awesome to see how they believed in her and believed she’d done a good enough job to be offered that position.

As a Campaign Manager Julia’s days are packed full of sifting through her inbox and multitasking between all of her different campaigns. The biggest thing she stresses is the importance of managing expectations. You need to please the client, the creator, and the goals IZEA has while fulfilling everyone’s expectations. Campaign Managers are the wheels that keep IZEA turning and they work really hard to make sure it can keep moving along. As a Campaign Manager she deals with everything post sale and acts as the point of contact between all parties. She works very hard to fulfill everything the client wants while still managing great creator relations. “Creators are people who have families and they do this for a living so connecting with them as real people is a really cool part of the job.”


The culture at IZEA is truly amazing and one of a kind. It’s unlike any other job. Everyone is encouraged to be creative and take a not so typical approach to things. IZEAns are allowed to go above and beyond and break the typical mold. “I love the openness of the physical office and being able to move away from my desk to go sit on the couches or the picnic table. I also love intangible things like the friendships I’ve made. These people are always here to help me with campaigns, talk out hard situations, and have truly become my close friends.” She loves waking up in the morning and actually wanting to go to work. She wants to be successful because she wants IZEA to be successful. When she gets campaigns she doesn’t think about how she’s going to come out on top, she cares more about the client loving IZEA. Developing a really good working relationship with your Account Director and your team is huge. She explains that when you have tough campaigns and see everyone getting through it together and being supportive, it makes you want to work that much harder. She says her Account Director is willing to go to bat with the whole team which she admires a lot.

You may be wondering how Julia balances all these aspects of her life. She wears so many different hats but she makes it work! “It’s weird because I think that the classes I’m taking this semester are actually helping me so much with my job. I’m taking a great leadership class that’s helping me learn how to deal with clients in the best way possible.” She’s so thankful that IZEA is flexible with her hours so that she can work and go to class. “It takes a very special person to be able to balance all these responsibilities and I do my best to make sure every part of my life is functioning…well at least functioning 85%.” She talks about the challenges of balancing both because she loves her sorority and really attributes her work ethic, leadership skills, communication skills, and the woman she’s becoming because of it. As a sorority woman it’s great to see the Greek representation around the office. She’s able to bring her experiences from her sorority and school into the workplace and vice versa. “It’s definitely not easy to wear all these hat’s but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The biggest advice she’d like to give is to get as much experience as possible. “I would say that you have to be okay with failing and you have to be okay with getting constructive criticism. You aren’t expected to know everything because you’re still in college. You need to be okay with being scared and taking chances.” Take advantage of the opportunities you’re given and believe in yourself. You have the skills, you may just not be refined in them yet. She talks about the importance of being teachable and being eager to learn. “You are able to handle what’s thrown at you but you just can’t be afraid to go for it and jump right in. Nothing is ever handed to you, the only things handed to you are opportunities and you have to be willing to take them.”