When you scroll through your Facebook feed, how many pictures of food do you see? For some reason, everyone likes to share pictures of their food, whether they’ve prepared it or just ordered it.

No one has been able to crack the reasoning behind the massive amount of shared food pictures – or cat pictures, for that matter, on social media – but one company decided to embrace the social food craze just the same.

International Delight introduced a new line of Cold Stone Creamery flavors, and one of the ways the brand decided to market the product is through influencer marketing.

The company reached out to several “foodies with a following” and asked them to create a new recipe with one of the their new products.

While the campaign has many outstanding features, one of the things that many businesses struggle with when handling an influencer marketing campaign is finding the correct influencers.

Here’s a look at the influencers that International Delight selected and discuss why they make a good fit:

Sarah’s Cucina Bella

It goes without saying that International Delight wants to work with food bloggers, but which ones? Brands want someone with a good following – not necessarily a huge following, but a respectable one. In addition, brands want to make sure the content that’s generated is top quality.

Sarah Walker Caron, who runs the site, Sarah’s Cucina Bella, not only has the following that International Delight is looking for, but also the writing chops. One look at her posts shows that she puts time and effort into her writing.

Additional research reveals that Caron has her own food column in a newspaper, and is a freelance writer and editor. That’s a great signal to a brand that’s looking for an influencer to create a unique recipe and write about it.

Here’s her International Delight-inspired recipe: Chocolate Brownie Coffee Frappe.

Will Cook for Smiles

Lyuba Brooke runs Will Cook for Smiles, another food blog that has a strong following. Why is Brooke a good choice for International Delight? She keeps a consistent content calendar. In other words, she posts to her blog every other day, so the brand knows that she’s committed to her audience. A blogger that has internment posts is never a good option for a brand looking to promote a product or service.

Second, Brooke is a great photographer. Every one of her posts has great images. You can tell that she takes the time to not only make the recipe, but also stage a nice picture so the food is even more enticing.

With the amount of food blogs out there, Brooke realizes that readers expect good pictures. Without good visuals the content wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Here’s her International Delight-inspired recipe: White Wedding Cake Milkshake.

Wrap up

International Delight did its homework. The company researched the influencers and their followers, and looked at previous posts and the attention to detail within each one. Working with influencers can be beneficial, but conducting research to find the right influencers to work with is a crucial element to the preplanning of any influencer marketing campaign.