There is a new social network with marketers in mind. Shocase, a San Francisco based company, has created an expansive online marketing community that keeps professionals up to date with the always changing marketing environment, not to mention the ability to tune out all the noise unrelated to marketing that can be distracting across other social networks. It also helps that the platform boasts some big name brand members like Coca-Cola, Apple and Walt Disney.

It’s a place where creatives can get inspired, communicate with peers in their field, build their business and get ample support. It also allows those in the marketing field to be able to step out from behind the curtain and distinguish themselves from the brand they work for, celebrating their individual talents or team efforts with a digital portfolio.

“Shocase’s mission It has always been, and will always be, about creativity. We’re passionate about finding the best talent, providing them with the best opportunities and improving the lives of everyone we touch. We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.”

Interested in learning more about Shocase, we reached out to the CEO and founder Ron Young, who has more than three decades of experience in the business, having worked for brand giants, Levi’s and CVS.

After assembling a multi-talented team, Young launched Shocase in January 2015. Since then, the network has received only positive praise from marketers in the field.

“Shocase allows the world’s 100+ million marketers to display their work and be discovered by those who need their expertise,” Young shared. “Our Shocase News Feed keeps members up-to-speed on the latest developments in their network, industry trends, new project postings, job opportunities and updates on the colleagues they follow.”

Now 9 months old, the social network continues to grow at an impressive rate. “After our first 90 days our numbers were favorably with those of leading sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest,” Young said. Adding, “Our second quarter numbers grew at an even faster pace than our first and we continue to see strong growth on a daily basis.”

“The feedback has been fantastic,” Young shares. “We have some of the biggest people, agencies and brands across all of marketing on our site. We hear stories on an ongoing basis about members reaching out to other members to collaborate on work, to find new talent and find new work. The quality of work posted by our members is exceptional and many are using the site to get inspired and inspire others.”

What makes Shocase so valuable is that the network takes it one step further by serving an array of professionals within the field; designers, creative directors, data scientists, and more, not just marketers.

“Shocase is the first social network designed specifically for professionals in the global marketing sector. Shocase serves all the practice areas within marketing, including brand management, advertising, PR, design, digital, packaging design, event/experiential, analytics, SEO, social and content marketing.”

The social network seems like they are just getting started, as they have a big surprise on the way for the marketing community they plan to reveal on Sept. 23. Stay tuned…

Prepare to be blown away by on 9.23.15. #ShocaseYourself

— Shocase (@Shocase) September 18, 2015