The unfashionable truth about wearble technology, Chanel splashes onto the Instagram scene, a tribute to the best keyboard ever made, and more news from around the web this week. Here it is, broken down so you don’t have to do the virtual leg work!

Is Technology Truly Wearable?

shutterstock_216174925Do you wear your tech? The idea of Smart Accessories is catching on, but it is still easy to see how Fast Company Associate Editor Sarah Kessler spent most of her time fielding “early adopter” questions and pokes at the strangeness of her wearable technology. She advises “about a third of people who bought devices like the Nike Fuelband, the Jawbone Up and the Fitbit stopped using them within a year” and adds how making them prettier might NOT be a cure for what ails them.

Chanel Has Arrived!

On October 13th, the iconic luxury brand started posting to its Instagram…finally! The brand created their account some time ago and had built its audience of fans before posting their first Instagram video out in front of new TV spots. With only 9 posts, Chanel is already topping Dior, Gaultier, Valentino and many other fashion brands with their numbers.

iBeacon Briefing

Business Insider gives us the skinny on how beacons/iBeacons work and how we are going to be using them. They will enhance shopping experiences and make check outs easier, but their abilities reach beyond retail. We are all anxious to see how beacon wars will heat up between companies like Paypal and Qualcomm as they challenge Apple with their own hardware.

IBM’s Model M…Still the King?shutterstock_221688520

Those of us who experienced the advent of the digital age all remember this magnificent clicky masterpiece! Often replicated but never duplicated, IBM’s Model M has somehow become a keyboard icon that is still in use today. It is a five pound behemoth with a noteworthy history and amazing sticking power.

Will EverFi Help You Avoid Debt?

Check out this article and video to see how the UA School of Business for Young Women is using EverFi to turn students into economics gurus who are debt-free.

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