You’ve seen him: singing covers of your favorite songs on YouTube and Vine
You know him: for winning Best Cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something”
You want him: for entertainment, music, web personality and following

Singer-songwriter and online sensation Shawn Mendes is the newest addition to the SponsoredTweets family! He may be young, but Shawn’s musical talent and inspirations are of someone far beyond his years. His talents are becoming the talk of not just the Internet, but of music fans far and wide.

Shawn started his musical career by posting his first cover to Vine. With only a six-second clip of him singing with guitar in hand, the video took off like wildfire. Unlike your typical cover artist, Shawn began to also post his own unique melodies and developed his skills as a formidable songwriter. His music has spread across Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and every online social outlet imaginable, amassing millions of views.

Now with over 10 million cumulative YouTube views, and with over 1.8 million Vine followers, Shawn is the third biggest musician on Vine. He is becoming one of the most buzzed-about young artists in music. He also was recently featured as the winner of Ryan Seacrest’s “Best 35 Covers” competition, and is slated to head on a nationwide tour with Austin Mahone in 2014, as well as release his debut major label album later this year. Shawn just signed with Island Records and his first single “Life of the Party” dropped on June 26th on iTunes.

It’s hard to believe the Canadian music star is just getting started. There is a lot in store for this young, singer-songwriter!

Stay tuned with Shawn on his public profile and follow him on Twitter!