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Joining your email marketing and social media together into something even bigger and more powerful is an excellent strategic step. This will expand your audience and the reach of your content for the maximum possible conversion rates.

Luckily, with the help of some awesome tech tools and a bit of strategy, achieving the above isn’t too hard if you follow through with the following steps:

Get Social and Roll Out Your Email Campaign

Before you do anything else, you need to have both an email campaign and a social networking presence for your business or organization that is well established.

You can create an email database and marketing campaign through extremely easy to use services such as Reachmail or MailChimp. Either of these can be used to integrate your website’s email opt-in generated lists with an entire dashboard that allows you to send mass mailings easily, strategically and quickly.

Don’t Forget Social Media Buttons

When you start sending out newsletter, advice or sales offers to your email database, you need to include social media share buttons in your messages that link to all of the major platforms that you’re using.

Make them immediately visible to any readers who open your email messages. As an extra precaution, include them again at the bottom of each message and on the pages of any links in your emails.

Tell Your Audience to Share

Sometimes it’s not enough to just include social media share buttons on your email messages and content, you also need to let your readers know that they’re welcome to share! You can be straightforward about this by simply asking for a quick share, or you can make things more interesting by doling out bonus offers in exchange for shares.

Share Your Email Messages Socially

One of the most crucial components to an effective integration of social media sharing and email marketing is the process of instantly making all of your content available to audiences in both platforms.

One simple way to pull this off almost automatically is with a little program called Simple Share. This program lets you create instant social media friendly links to any email messages you mail out directly to subscribers.

Social is Crucial

You’ll notice that most of the above steps describe several processes to make it easy for your audience to share your content with their network of friends. This is exactly the reason why social media is so crucial for creating strong viral campaigns.

About the Author: Stephan Jukic is a writer for Reachmail who covers online data protection, anti-intrusion protocols and digital security. When he gets a chance, he also indulges in writing about SEO, mobile technology, marketing techniques and non-localized digital business strategies. Connect with Stephan on LinkedIn and Google+.