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Human After All: Humanizing Digital Customer Service

By August 13, 2013June 3rd, 2019Community

We’re living in a digital world, but consumers still crave that human connection, which helps to build lasting relationships and create brand loyalty. According to Fast Company, businesses are responding to consumers’ desires, with 88% of CEOs citing better relationships with customers as their top priority for the next five years.

Social media, email and other channels help companies connect with clients who love their brand. This connection gives businesses a straight path to success by building a personal relationship that encourages repeat business and attracts new clients. However, if not used correctly, digital communication can seem cold and robotic, which is far from ideal for effective customer service.

It is possible to foster brand loyalty online, but it has to be done in a sincere manner. Here are some tactics to add a more human approach to your digital customer support:

Improve the Human Connection

  • Post pictures and professional information about customer service representatives on the corporate website and on social media.
  • Keep automated tweets and updates to a minimum. Automation and character limits can lead to robotic-sounding text that repels rather than attracts.
  • Customer service representatives should have actual conversations with followers, fans and those who leave comments on the website. Host Twitter events at a pre-designated date and time by using a hashtag (#). Ask representatives to sign social updates with a name or initials to add a personal touch.

Find ways to enhance the humanization of your website, such as implementing live chat options for visitors. One such service is LivePerson live chat, which personalizes customer service by letting businesses engage with their customers at any time from any place using real-time chat, content or voice.

Personalize Business Emails

  • Add someone’s name at the end of the email.
  • Change the “From” field on emails so that emails come from a person instead of a brand.
  • Avoid using copy/paste scripts when answering emails and show the customer you’re really listening by responding directly to points.
  • Use an email auto reply sparingly, but, when necessary, try to use one that is engaging and personalized.

Digital communication is revitalizing the valuable link between the company and client, but only for those businesses who know how to build a human connection with the customers they serve. How does your business add a human touch to your digital communication? Tell us in the comments.

About the Author: Cindy O’Conner is a paralegal and mom from Iowa. She has written over 200 articles on topics varying from DIY crafts to international relations.