A few months back, Ted Murphy had (yet another) crazy idea.  What if IZEA hosted a food truck event?  But not just ANY food truck event – one geared toward the local Orlando tech community, one that was more like a carnival, where people could eat, meet, greet and learn all at the same time.  And so, Trucks & Tech was born.

The morning of April 25th dawned sunny and beautiful as we began our day setting up barricades in an empty parking lot. By mid-afternoon, the lights, tables, sound and stage were setting up and, by late afternoon, when the trucks and vendors arrived, we started to see the event take shape.

By early evening the crowds began to arrive, the beer was flowing, the food was being enjoyed and the presentations highlighted the rich variety of the Orlando tech community including talks about the upcoming Creative Village, hospitality tech, chef tech, gaming and programming and even a robotics demonstration.  You can view the full list of speakers here.

Of course, an event like this would not be possible without a lot of help and support from the community.  We are so grateful to all the speakers, sponsors, food trucks, photographers and bloggers and the City of Orlando for the assist.

If you just can’t get enough Trucks &Tech, please be sure to visit the Trucks & Tech Flickr set of the event by Rich Johnson of Spectacle Photo as well as dafoodie.com and professorjosh.com.

And if you’re sad you missed the event or wonder if there will be another?  We have one word for you: TRUCKTOBERFEST!