How Many "Likes" Does It Take To Be On Top?

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If your business is not on Facebook yet, no offense but, what are you waiting for? In this day and age, you can’t just rely on your good “old fashioned” website to attract new customers. You have to reach out to them, all 35 million of them. For all you know, your competitors are already profiting from Facebook so here’s how to not let them beat you.

1. Once users click the “Like” button on your page, they will automatically be updated on your status posts. For that reason, it is important that you make constant updates on your page, preferably ones that will attract and engage current or potential customers.

2. Every time you get a “Like”, the friends of that particular user see the action in their newsfeed. Often times, this triggers curiosity, so the friend(s) may end up liking your page as well. It’s a domino effect.

3. The ability to post unlimited photos allows you to showoff your products and services. Take advantage of this feature to display coupons, discounts, and promotions.

4. Advertising on Facebook can be customized to reach any desired target market according to age, location, etc. Your targeted market will see your ad on the right panel, and if you make the by-line interesting enough, you’re sure to gain more “Likes”.

Follow the Leaders

If you are still uncertain about jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, don’t be afraid to play a game of copycat. Follow the example of those who have successfully launched social media marketing campaigns.

1. Heinz engaged fans by having them answer a series of 5 personality trait questions, to determine their corresponding bean. To further the campaign, Heinz picked out 5 winners every hour and sent them a personalized bean. A goodie bag was sent to each person who extended 10 successful invites, and every fan received a coupon. The result: in just two weeks, they gained 30,000 “Likes”!

2. Cadbury launched a campaign in celebration of their page reaching 1,000,000 “Likes”. They engaged fans by building a live Facebook “Like” thumb with Dairy Milk. They even assigned a live team to answer questions and respond to comments. As a finale, they invited a fan to place the last piece of chocolate on the giant thumb. The result: 40,000 additional fans and 350,000 participants.

3. Sugarbush Resort ran a sweepstakes drawing that offered $15,000 in prizes. All you had to do was enter your email address and “Like” on their page. The result: 3,000 additional “Likes” in one month and 2,000 more email subscribers.

Although having an attractive, interactive, and high-ranking website is of the utmost importance, if you don’t have the social media rapport to back it up, it’s almost worthless. The World Wide Web has opened the door for numerous marketing approaches, especially in regards to social media marketing. Stay in touch with your current and potential customers, because if you don’t, someone else will!

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This guest post was provided by Kaity Nakagoshi, a native Floridian who currently resides in Tampa. Kaity works for Zelen Communications, a traditional advertising company with a knack for social and online marketing. @KaityAtZelen


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