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1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less…
Social media addict turned professional. I love Geeky things, country music, the STL Cardinals & my Chihuahua, Cabo.

2. What originally attracted you to Sponsored Tweets, and how did you find out about it?
One of my connections Tweeted something about the launch of this thing called Sponsored Tweets and because I’m curious by nature and always open to making a few extra dollars I checked it out.

3. What do you love most about Twitter?
I love that I have a place to talk or rant about just about anything and there is literally at least one person always listening. Sure beats talking to myself lol

4. Finish this: Without Twitter I would…
Not have my business, KiMedia Strategies. Because of Twitter I was able to tap into an audience that respected my thoughts and opinions on the world of social media making branding myself easier and less expensive to do.

5. What do you feel encourages engagement with your audience?
Picture 10Engagement encourages engagement…. Twitter is a two way street, in order to receive engagement you must engage with other peoples content as well. Next I would say questions. The more you ask, the more people want to share. That leaves me with quality content…. sharing something you’re passionate always ends in engagement from the Twitter world.

6. How do you make it easy to stay connected with your followers?
I have the capabilities to Tweet everywhere. On my desktop, Macbook, ipad, and mobile phone. I can Tweet while hanging out at the beach or get help while feeling stumped in the office.

7. Whatʼs your preferred blend of tweets made up of: RTs, links, original content, etc?
Original content, lots of engagement and interaction with other Tweets, links for things I believe in and/or am passionate about. RT’s come and go, I don’t believe in RTing for the sake of getting on someone’s radar.

8. Any advice for Tweeters new to Sponsored Tweets?
Don’t always go with the suggested price. Sometimes it pays (literally) to lower your cost per Tweet just a tad. Also, don’t give up because you’re not getting many advertiser offers. Sometimes it just takes time… and definitely share your referral link, a few cents here and there does add up!

9. What do you love about IZEA and Sponsored Tweets?
I love that I get to write my Tweet, but that the advertisers have suggestions for you. I also like how simple it is. Anyone can figure it out.

10. Finish this: A tweet a day…
is for noobs!

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