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Are you a brand looking to reach sports enthusiasts? This dynamic audience is highly engaged, and according to Statista, social media is the second most popular way sports fans consume sports content. We’ve curated a list of 15 YouTube influencers who actively engage with a broad spectrum of sports, from football to ballet, and are dedicated to sharing their passion for their respective disciplines with their audience.

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15 YouTube sports influencers

Brandon Perna — thatsgoodsports

Brandon’s YouTube channel, ThatsGoodSports, provides a comedic and entertaining take on NFL news. He formats his videos in a style similar to news television shows like “The Daily Show,” taking on the persona of a sports anchor who delivers recaps and reviews of games and events in the NFL. He has a substantial online presence with 491K YouTube subscribers and over 160M video views.

Tom Daley

Tom is a British diver and Olympian with 1.18 million YouTube subscribers. His channel gives insight into his routine as a professional athlete and other aspects of his life, such as his avid interests in knitting and crocheting. His videos include “Day in the Life Training with Athletes in Majorca,” “Story Time: How I Met My Husband” and “Reacting to Diving Fails.”

Tara and Hunter

Tara and Hunter are an influencer couple and accomplished track and field athletes. Tara competes in the hurdle and long jump events and made an appearance in the 2020 Summer Olympics. While Hunter competes in the 200m and 400m events, securing a bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Paralympics. Their content offers glimpses into their training routines, their life together as a young couple and vlogs capturing their track meets all around the world. Their bubbly personalities and athletic abilities have garnered a following of 738K YouTube subscribers.

Quiner Sisters

Caroline, Elliana, Jillian, Michelle, Rachel and Savannah are the siblings behind the QuinerSisters YouTube channel. With an audience of 422K subscribers, they share their lives as aspiring ballet dancers. The sisters share a wide range of content, including tips for enhancing dance technique and insights into their nutritious diets.

Chintya Candranaya

Chintya is a practitioner of Pencak Silat, the traditional martial art of Indonesia. Every week, she posts fighting choreography videos and examples of how to use Pencak Silat in self-defense situations. Her YouTube channel has 1.57M subscribers.

Donald De La Haye — deestroying

With 5.5M subscribers, Donald is one of the most popular sports influencers on YouTube. His content primarily focuses on football challenges such as 1-on-1s and 7-on-7 scrimmages. Some of his videos have featured renowned NFL professional athletes, like Cam Newton and Justin Jefferson. Additionally, Donald has collaborated with NFL teams, like the Buccaneers and the Vikings, to tour their facilities and give insight into what it’s like to be an NFL player.

Tony Jeffries

Tony is a former professional boxer and Olympic medalist. He uses his platform to teach his 1.94M subscribers the art of boxing. Tony’s videos include reviews of the fighting styles of popular boxers, like Tyson Fury, and gives valuable training tips, including techniques on how to land a knockout punch.

Lorenzo Greer — tekkerzkidofficial

Lorenzo is a young English sports influencer and aspiring football player. He shares his passion for the game through a diverse array of content. He posts everything from skills challenges to boot reviews. He has a global reach with 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and over 478 million video views.

Nile Wilson — nilewilsongymnast

Nile is an accomplished Olympic gymnast with 1.58 million YouTube subscribers. He uses his platform to show off his athletic ability and to engage with his audience by participating in a variety of challenges, such as gymnastics roulette and attempting the world’s highest backflip box jump.

Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom— thattriathlonlife

Paula and Eric, an engaged couple and professional triathletes, have built an engaged audience of 56.9K YouTube subscribers. Both grew up participating in the sport and use their channel to give back to the Triathlon community. Their videos include training tips and vlogs documenting their races and experiences within the sport.

Jason and Travis Kelce — newheightshow

Jason and Travis are siblings and NFL superstars. They teamed up to create New Heights, a web series and podcast that covers weekly insights about their respective teams and their opinions on NFL news. The two brothers chat about everything from NFL defenses to training camp battles. Their channel has 1.39 million YouTube subscribers and over 428 million views.

Jamie O’Brien

Jamie is a vlogger who shares videos about his surfing adventures. He’s caught waves all over the world, going from Mexico to South Africa. Jamie also operates a surf school in Hawaii. His high energy and exhilarating content captivates and entertains his 914K YouTube subscribers.

Paige Anastasi

Paige is a D1 gymnast at UCLA. Her school is renowned for its gymnastics team and has won 7 NCAA Championships. Her channel documents her life as a student-athlete. She takes her 17.7K YouTube subscribers along with her to practice and retreats and shares her training regime.

Frankie Davey

Frankie is a professional boxer with 41.1K YouTube subscribers. He provides insights into his career, posting videos of his diet, training sessions and fight night prep. Additionally, he shares his attempts at food challenges like the 10,000-calorie cake challenge.

Johnathan Buckhouse

Johnathan is a vlogger and professional snowboarder. He has 176K subscribers on YouTube, where he posts ski resort reviews and clips of his snowboarding tricks. Jonathan also uses his platform to educate his viewers on safety tips. He details which resorts have safe trails for beginners and tips on minimizing risks while learning the art of snowboarding, including safe ways to fall.


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