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When it comes to the world of hair, wig influencers have become some of the leading experts. With a wealth of knowledge across all types of wigs and styles, these top trailblazers inform their followers about what’s hot and trending in hair fashion. Whether you’re interested in promoting your hair products or learning about trends, these hair influencers are your best bet.

Wig influencers sharing their favorite styles

Ameyah Smart

As the creator of Wigs By May, Ameyah has shared her love for styling wigs and helping others feel beautiful. Ameyah has gained over 78.4K Instagram followers and more than 275.3K TikTok followers by posting her favorite looks and tutorials. She also created a Million Dollar Hair Series, where she shares advice for those looking to join the industry and grow their business.


Known on TikTok as Carrie Snipes, the Miami-based hair influencer uses her platform to share her favorite looks and inspire more than 151.3K followers to try them out. She’s created a whole playlist on wig tips and hacks, as well as easy-to-follow tutorials on how to set, style, and melt a lace for beginners.

@carriesnipesss #27 deep wave wig from @hermosahair Use Code:“TT18” for an extra 18% off #hermosahair#color27#deepwavewig ♬ original sound - Playboiisoundss🉐🖤

Raya — raya.pcs

Popular on TikTok as the “CEO of Wig ASMR,” Raya creates stylish looks and teaches more than 775.4K followers to do the same. With more than 16.5M likes, Raya has quickly become one of the most popular hair influencers on the app for her ASMR tutorials, new stylish looks of the season, and tutorials on installs.


Hair by @wingirlhair_amazon 💕 details !n b!0 💕 SHEIN CART ON ME !N B!O 🛍️ dont miss out!!!! #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #rayapcs #asmr

♬ original sound - raya.pcs

Ayana Ryleigh

Ayana is a 20-year-old hairstylist based in LA and known as Yamoney. She uses her TikTok to share her seamless vlogs that showcase her favorite styles and wigs. With over 50.5K followers and more than 4.2M likes, Ayana has formed a solid platform. From relatable hair-influencer humor to her favorite wig brands, Ayana shares it all.


Based in Houston, Texas, Brailynn is a 20-year-old beauty and fashion influencer who loves to help others find the styles that make them feel their best. The hair influencer shares her favorite wigs and demonstrates exactly how she styles them, catching the attention of more than 19K followers on TikTok. Brailynn shares multi-colored highlight wigs, Brown Bob wig inspiration, 5×5 beginner-friendly wig installs and more.


Hair Details: @Beautyforeverhair “Body Wave Honey Blonde” (💗 link in bio 💗) #wiginfluencer #wiginstall #hairinfluencer

♬ sonido original - letipixels

Alonzo Arnold

As a popular Atlanta-based hair stylist, Alonzo has worked with many celebrities and now takes to Instagram to show off his own creative looks with more than 1.5M followers. The stylish wig icon fills posts glamorous looks and tutorials. His photos are full of fashionable outfits and ensembles that match the vibes of his creative wigs.

Alfred Lewis

Alfred’s sense of style and creative wigs have attracted more than 94.7K Instagram followers. The hairstylist founded his own line of wig products and adds colorful and exotic styles. If you’re looking for unique wigs and styles, Alfred is the guy for you.

Stella Cini

Stella is a popular “hair magician” on Instagram who focuses on sharing bright and colorful styles that her 798K followers love. While she focuses on sharing her favorite wigs, Stella also shares helpful tips for hair growth and installs as well as tutorials.

Kele — Hair By Kele

From London to Atlanta, hairstylist Kele travels to help others find their inner beauty through their expressive wigs. Her feed is full of her hair transformations on clients as well as her tutorials. Kele knows exactly what she’s talking about and more than 103K followers agree with her.

Raschelle Smith Clare

Since 2011, Raschelle has uploaded her favorite wig styles and colors. She encourages more than 825K subscribers to try them out themselves. Raschelle fills her channel with tutorials on how to dye wigs at home, how to install wigs with no glue, how to hide the grid on the lace front, and so much more.

Noah Scott

Creative mastermind behind What Wigs, Noah is a well-known custom wig and hairpiece creator. The San Diego-based hair influencer has earned the attention of over 175K followers by sharing his incredible talents for designing unique and stylish wigs. Celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Candice Swanepoel have rocked his stylish wigs for events like the Met Gala and the cover of V Magazine.


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