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Wellness was already a popular topic before 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the global interest in mental and physical health to new heights. Across all platforms, mental wellbeing has gained traction as something important to talk about, giving brand marketers opportunities to share their messaging about self-care.

The #wellness hashtag has 2.4 billion views, and it includes every imaginable aspect of healthy, happier living; it encompasses everything from sleep and exercise to nutrition and emotional support.

So how do you make a #wellness statement? With so many angles to approach it from, it seems that every influencer should customize something to fit their messaging. There are as many different ways to share the #selfcare message as there are influencers.

Here are seven ways to put your own spin on wellness

Mindfulness practices

Mindfulness is one of the foundations of today’s wellness movements and a widely searched term for books, videos and more. Offer your own “morning mindfulness tips,” create a mantra that you share each day or give a daily short demonstration or explanation about a mindfulness or meditation practice. With over 932 million views, #mindfulness is a huge part of TikTok’s wellness messaging and it can easily be tailored to share with followers.

Fitness routines

These days, fun, fitness and wellness go hand-in-hand, so look for ways to make it as entertaining as it is effective. Quick, easy-to-follow fitness routines proved to be the perfect fit for the pandemic, and that has sent viewers looking for new ways to pick up the pace on their own fitness journey. Whether you’re jumping on a trampoline, crushing your personal record for pull-ups or dancing alone in your closet, there’s no reason to keep it to yourself.

Yoga practices

Like other forms of wellness, yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice, and it’s extremely popular across the board. Whether you’re practicing a vigorous Vinyasa-style yoga or are into the more meditative Yin yoga, it’s no stretch to say there are plenty of users looking for fresh new approaches; on TikTok alone, #yoga has more than 8.9 billion views.

Vitamins or healthy supplements

Few years have made us stop and take stock in our health the way 2020 did, and that stepped up the search for ways to adopt healthier habits. Vitamins and health supplements can play a big role in overall wellness, so why not share what you’ve learned? From what to look for when buying supplements to which supplements to take for specific results, the right content can help you connect and establish you as an expert.

Healthy eating

Whether you’re whipping up a healthy recipe in your kitchen or giving tips on making healthier choices when dining out, food plays a huge role in overall wellness. Even within the “healthy food” space, there are many topics to look at: paleo, gluten-free, keto, plant-based, organic, etc. So, find your favorite niche and own it!  

Self-care tips 

Wellness doesn’t happen without conscious self-care, and that’s probably why #selfcare has nearly 13 billion views. There’s no limit to how you practice self-care; it includes all of the above and much, much more. Find your own way to personalize that message and make it meaningful to followers; what do you do every day that helps you live your best life? Even if it’s about how you take a break, you can make the #selfcare message fit your brand.  

Book reviews

If you can’t think of something new to say about the wellness trend, why not talk about what other people are saying? Wellness and self-help books are flying off the shelves and they cover a vast range of topics, from personal improvement to relationships to your work habits — you name it, there’s a book out there for it. Find the ones that speak to you and talk about it. 

Wellness and self-care is a huge space that can include any combination of these topics. It opens the door for sponsors who want to showcase their health-oriented products that fit with creators’ messaging. And, when creators have the knowledge and expertise to support the information they’re sharing, it can make an excellent fit for all.

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