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Stories for Twitter are here: Twitter Fleets.

In November 2020, Twitter rolled out a new feature that lets you engage with your audience in a more personal, engaging and slightly long-term way. But should you be adding Twitter Fleets to your marketing strategy? We think so. Read on to find out why.

What Are Twitter Fleets?

You might say Fleets are Twitter’s nonjudgmental, no-pressure stories feature. They’re fleeting thoughts you can share in public without being concerned about likes or reTweets. Post a photo, video, GIF, text or reaction to a Tweet, and it stays at the top of your followers’ home timeline and your profile for 24 hours. Much like Instagram stories, Twitter users who can direct message you are able to tap on your Fleet to react or reply to it. And only you see this engagement as well as a list of who’s seen your Fleet.

Results from the beta stage of Fleets showed that user participation increased on the platform with the introduction of the new feature. Fleets encourage people to join the conversation on Twitter. People who tend to leave Tweets in drafts or not Tweet at all feel more comfortable creating a Tweet in a Fleet. In the same respect, Twitter users may also be more likely to engage with your brand through Fleets since their conversations with you are not for public viewing.

Writing a Twitter Fleet

Benefits of Using Twitter Fleets in Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that the lifespan of a Tweet is no longer than about 20 minutes? That’s when a Tweet receives its most engagement once Tweeted. After that, it tends to get lost in your followers’ feeds, unless it gets retweeted or attracts more comments. 

Utilizing Fleets can dramatically increase the time that your message is available to Twitter users. A Fleet that disappears after 24 hours remains more accessible to your audience — and potential audience — so more eyes are on your content.

Twitter also lets you see who’s viewing your content by clicking into your Fleets and tapping the Seen By feature. This can help you grow your leads and identify potential customers and followers.

Fleets help you engage with your audience too by offering them another way to get their eyes on your brand, products and services. Since Fleets live at the top of their home screen, they’re front and center and easy to discover. And once users tap into their Fleet roll, your content automatically appears within the scrolling line of Fleets.

Fleets also lend authenticity to your brand. They’re a way to market your company in a more casual, engaging and conversational way. People appreciate authenticity and transparency, and with an informal tool like Fleets, they can connect with your brand in a more personal way. That leads to increased brand loyalty as well.  

You can also prolong the life of your most popular Tweets by adding them to a Fleet and giving them a longer viewing time. Emphasizing your Tweets as Fleets can expose your message to a larger audience.

How Marketers Are Using Twitter Fleets

Small businesses, educational organizations, news outlets, large companies, nonprofits and more are embracing Twitter Fleets. Take a look at some of the ways your brand might give Fleets a spot in your marketing strategy: 


Launch a new product and highlight top-selling items with the full-screen photos and videos that show up in Fleets and show off your wares. Use overlay text options on your photos to give viewers key snippets of information about your products.


Announce upcoming specials, events, discounts, contests, giveaways, promotions, and other happenings to generate enthusiasm and increase engagement and awareness.


Keep your customers informed of the latest news about your company, including timely announcements like shipping delays, product shortages or schedule changes. Since a Fleet remains easily accessible for a full day, you have a greater chance of reaching more of your customer base with these important updates.


Live Fleet an event by taking video footage or photos of your event while it’s happening to encourage participation and increase brand awareness.

Insider Info

Give Twitter users a behind-the-scenes look at your brand with employee spotlights, executive bios, manufacturing tidbits and how-tos.  


Share a Tweet from a Twitter user that mentions your brand, product or service. Posting user-generated content (UGC) not only increases brand loyalty by making your fans feel special, but it also boosts social proof and simplifies your content creation efforts. 


Engage your audience by asking a question in a Fleet and encouraging them to add a reply, and then be sure to respond to them to continue the conversation.


Entertain Twitter users with a funny, touching or otherwise appropriate meme that involves your brand. This gives customers and potential customers a way to emotionally connect with your brand in a positive way.


Promote your additional marketing efforts that live off of Twitter, such as podcasts, live streams and webinars.