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What Are Twitch Overlays?

Twitch overlays are a design that appears during a live stream. It is typically a border around the screen with graphics that is unique to the channel and customizable to your own brand. Having an overlay will help you stand out and get noticed and also allow your audience to become familiar with your brand and personality.

Example of Twitch Overlay

A good overlay should match your own personality and style and be of high quality. The overlay should also match the games you play but can be easily swapped out for each type of game. This gives your stream a better look and is more pleasing to the viewer. Twitch overlays should include the webcam view, subscribers and followers, sponsorships, and alerts like donations or a new follower. Twitch overlays are important because they help boost engagement and gives you a more professional look.

How To Make A Twitch Overlay

Twitch overlays can be easily changed and customized as you play using OBS Studio. OBS Studio is a free source for live streaming that allows you to fully customize your overlay and stream layout. You are able to add in templates, change the windows and show or hide the chat, all as you play to suit your needs.

Tools for Making Twitch Overlays

There are many free resources available for you to use that provide overlay templates and allow you to create your own designs.

One place you can download templates from is Streamlabs. You are able to customize your overlay design to your liking from hundreds of themes and designs, both static and animated overlays to give your Twitch channel a unique look.

twitch overlays

Placeit also has many templates for you to choose from. They can be customizable by changing the colors, icons and text. You can easily download your design and start using it right away.

twitch overlays

Wdflat is another great tool to design your Twitch overlays from templates. Wdflat has many templates for overlays, channel banners and logos that can be instantly downloaded for you to use. It also has Twitch streaming packs so you can get everything you need in one place.

twitch overlays

Try out different templates to see what works best for your streaming channel, and play around with the design to best fit your personality and style.