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Toy influencers have become the unexpected heroes of playtime. They have taken the virtual realm by storm, captivating audiences with the sheer joy of unboxing and exploring the latest toys in the market. Their content resonates across diverse age groups and interests, ranging from action figures to plushies. Explore the top toy influencers on Instagram sharing fun on their feeds.

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Top toy influencers on Instagram

Rozanne — bright_little_brains

Rozanne is an educator and mom influencer with 536K Instagram influencers. She shares educational activities and toys that help with child development. Her ideas are colorful, easy to follow and are entertaining for children. Some of her recommendations include sensory play jars, DIY craft stations and color roll pins.

Aubrey Jade — minitoyland

Aubrey is the kid influencer who shares reviews on a variety of toys like Bratz dolls, Care Bears and Hello Kitty playsets. She provides a general overview of the toys and where they can be bought. Her popularity and influence have earned her collaborations with brands like Disney and Bonker’s Toys. She has 38.1K Instagram followers.

Toy Stroller

Toy Stroller is the go-to source for the latest toys on the market. Gifted with toys from renowned brands such as Bullsitoys and Toy Triangle, she engages her 95.9K Instagram followers with entertaining and informative unboxing sessions, showcasing a vibrant display of toys. Her page mainly focuses on miniature toys, plushies and dolls.

Heather Mohrman

Heather manages her daughter’s, Henley, Instagram account with 133K followers.  Beyond her interests in modeling, acting, and figure skating, Henley is a toy influencer. She’s reviewed toys like Rainbow High dolls and the Galaxy Slime Kit. Additionally, she’s attended events for toy companies, including American Girl and Disney Junior.

Zion — zionislove

Zion is a 6-year-old toy influencer from the Bahamas. He loves monster trucks and action figures, and his Instagram features engaging posts of him playing with those toys, accompanied by a description of their exciting features. With an audience of 11.3K Instagram followers, Zion brings a youthful and enthusiastic perspective to the world of toys.

Robyn Cassimere — cassikidzcrew

Robyn manages a toy-centric Instagram page showcasing the preferences of her three kids: Leon, Lenox, and Ruby. Their diverse interests span from stuffed animals to board games, ensuring a broad spectrum of toys is featured on their page. The reviews include guidance on where these toys can be purchased. She has amassed a community of 45.3K Instagram followers.

Toy Tiny Blog

The creator behind Toy Tiny Blog is a toy influencer and avid toy collector with 102K Instagram followers. As the name alludes, she reviews and shares a variety of toys that are small in nature. She often shares fidget toys or mini versions of popular toys like Care Bears and Squishmallows.

Pretty Pretend Play

Pretty Pretend Play curates a diverse range of content centered around toys, featuring toy unboxings, ASMR and play food items. The toys highlighted in her posts are not only entertaining but also age-appropriate, ensuring a fun playtime for kids of all ages. With a dedicated following of 50.3K on Instagram, Pretty Pretend Play captivates audiences with delightful and wholesome toy-centered content.

Dasha — dollswithdasha

Dasha is a toy collector who loves all kinds of toys, but has a specialized interest in dolls. She showcases her extensive doll collection to her 27.5K Instagram followers. Her collection spans from the latest dolls on the market to vintage gems from the 2000s. Through detailed reviews, Dasha provides a thorough examination of each doll, meticulously exploring features such as clothes, hair and overall design.

Sophie — sophiesplayday

Sophie is a toy influencer with 94.1K Instagram followers. She reviews an extensive array of toys on her page. Sophie’s covered everything from adventure video games to cooking play items. Her reviews give an overview of how her recommended toys can enhance your kid’s play experience.

Kiki’s Playroom

The Kiki’s Playroom Instagram page features ASMR unboxings and reviews of toys for all ages. The page is curated by a toy collector, featuring a range of items, including mini fidgets, candy toys and playsets Her engaging and informative toy content has attracted 20.4K followers

Grace Mary Williams

Grace is a business owner and toy influencer with 145K Instagram followers. She reviews popular toys and attends toy fairs to get insight into the latest developments in the industry and its newest products. Additionally, Grace runs a slime business that makes slime based on various candy and dessert flavors.

Tanja  —  tanjastoysreview

Tanja shares her favorite toys with her 151K Instagram followers. Her page is kid-friendly, featuring toys that resonate with young children. She’s reviewed toys based on popular kid shows such as Lilo and Stitch and the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, as well as those based on books like Harry Potter.


Rhia is one of the most popular toy influencers on Instagram with 130K followers. She has a keen interest in games and toys and shares her favorite ones with her audience. Rhia takes a creative approach with her videos and often uses ASMR techniques and exaggerated motions to emphasize the toy’s features.


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