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The dream may be to work with a celebrity for your next influencer campaign, but the reality is that for most businesses, the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gordon Ramsay are a bit too much of a stretch for the budget. Fortunately, there are many niche influencers and local content creators who provide incredible opportunities for improving brand awareness. Here are 24 Top New York influencers who may have what it takes to help your business boom.

24 Top New York Influencers

Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist with a nose for sniffing out exciting new tech trends. Join his growing audience of 647,000 followers on Twitter for access to a steady stream of great business advice, interspersed with more personal anecdotes than most other top New York influencers.

John Henry

If you’re running your own startup, John Henry is an entrepreneur you need to know. He started his first company at 18, and now works with fledgling companies through Cofound Harlem and Harlem Capital Partners. He has over 6,000 followers on Twitter.

Charlie O’Donnell

Charlie O’Donnell is a venture capitalist with valuable information to share, but he also enjoys tweeting about his sporting activities and his love for the Mets, which makes him easier to relate to. He has over 36,000 followers on Twitter.

Miss Yanyi

The hustle and bustle of New York City is the perfect backdrop for lifestyle and fashion influencers such as Miss Yanyi. Being one of many top New York influencers, she has over 46,000 followers on Instagram and another 213,000 followers on YouTube.

Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy (it rhymes with “peachy”) works in the space where lifestyle and modern tech intersect. Additionally, she has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s a successful YouTuber and podcaster who has worked with AT&T and Intel.

Tess Christine

Brooklyn-based Tess Christine has an eye for fashion; particularly for combining hot looks with cool locations in her Instagram photos. Likewise, showcasing beautiful clothes, beautiful cities and a beautiful smile has earned her over 728,000 followers.

Jayla Koriyan

For a snapshot of the glitzy side of New York, you need to check out Jayla Koriyan’s Instagram or YouTube channel. Similarly to the city, the glamorous YouTube personality and author always has a new outfit to share, and a new party to start.

Nyja Richardson

Many influencers post their personal experiences and grant their followers an intimate insight to their family lives. This makes them more “real” and easier to engage with, which is why they’re able to create such strong followings on social media. Nyja Richardson is a “millennial mum,” serving up positivity and proactive messages while sharing details of her family life.

Sai De Silva

Sai De Silva is another working mom who shines a light on fashion, beauty, and travel through the lens of a hectic family life. She produces a lot of content with her daughter, and her candid style has earned her over 324,000 Instagram followers.

Angelique Miles

Living a healthy, active lifestyle in the city isn’t always easy, but Angelique Miles does it with style, despite being 50 years old. She shares her healthy diet plans and gym routines on Instagram, and has her own podcast.


Some influencers focus on one subject, and maybe even one social media platform, but Emani takes a different approach. She describes herself as “just a girl who talks to her camera,” which sums up her eclectic mix of lifestyle content, ranging from makeup tips to snaps of delicious dinners. She’s doing something right, because she has 509,000 YouTube followers, and over 80,000 on Instagram.

Diego Leon

He’s suave and sophisticated, and his Instagram feed is full of pictures of him looking swish in suits. No wonder Diego Leon’s handle is @dandyinthebronx. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not in tailored fashion, start here.

Emily Luciano

Lovely outfits, lovely locations: What’s not to love about Emily Luciano’s Instagram feed? In fact, over 360,000 followers approve.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is a fitness influencer who uses Instagram to share positive vibes and shots showcasing the results of her workout programs. She has 12.4 million followers.

Alex Aldeborgh

Need a break from hot dogs served up by the vendor outside your office? Alex Aldeborgh is one of many top New York influencers who have extensive menus of delicious dinners on her Instagram feed. In fact, the registered dietitian and foodie shares healthy eats that are easy to make, which helped her gain over 83,000 followers.

Grace Abbott

Grace Abbott is a freelance brand consultant and designer using social media to share her unique style of beauty content, with a focus on sustainable living. As a matter of fact, her cute and colorful feed has attracted over 10,000 followers.

Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh makes vlogging look easy. A steady stream of funny skits, hilarious pranks, and personal content keeps 4.4 million YouTube subscribers entertained.

Lauren Caruso

Lauren Caruso is the managing editor of The Zoe Report, and an exciting voice in the fashion industry. Her Instagram feed is sleek and stylish, drawing in a crowd numbering more than 34,000.

Elise Young

Energetic trainer Elise Young uses Instragram to encourage healthy living, and to provide fitness tips. Furthermore, her posts pair pictures and videos with motivational messages or comprehensive exercise routines.

Jonathan Jafari

Jonathan Jafari, better known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, just wants to make people laugh. On his YouTube channel, where he has 4.5 million subscribers, he posts humorous reviews for video games and movies. Not to mention, he previously co-hosted the web series Game Grumps, which he co-created with Arin Hanson.

Ashley Hall

Envious of Ashley Hall’s incredible curls? Don’t worry, she shares all of her hair care and beauty tips on Instagram (where she has over 47,000 followers) and YouTube (where she has another 4,000 fans).


Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the original YouTube influencers, posting his first video back in 2010. Additionally, what he doesn’t know about vlogging and using YouTube as a marketing platform probably isn’t worth knowing, which is why he has over 10 million subscribers.

Nicole Loher

As Nicole Loher’s Instagram bio succinctly puts it, “I run. A lot.” In fact, over 14,000 followers are checking out her content for motivation and advice on exercising and living a healthy life.

Diana Chamomile

Is New York starting to get a little loud? Center yourself and enjoy a moment of calm contemplation with Diana Chamomile, a lifestyle influencer whose Instagram feed features bright colors and serene settings, and whose YouTube channel also focuses on the simple pleasures of thrifting and perfecting your skincare regimen.

And Many More…

This is just 24 of the top New York influencers. There are also many more, covering all types of subject matter. In addition, if you want to take your marketing to the next level, start searching for local content creators who are the perfect match for your brand message.

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