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Discover the fascinating niche of lawyers on social media. These legal professionals have a knack for sharing their law school journey and entertaining their followers with skits about the legal profession. Join us as we explore the top lawyers making waves online today.

Lawyer influencers inspiring and educating social media users

Brinkley Law

Brinkley is an accomplished and experienced lawyer who shares her day-to-day encounters in the industry and educational content about injury and defense-related law. As a lawyer, Brinkley has encountered many unique cases and talks about them. She has over 43.5K followers who get advice they should know before becoming a lawyer.

Mike Mandell 

As a professional attorney based out of Los Angeles, Mike shares his knowledge with more than 7.4 million TikTok followers. Mike encourages his followers to “lay down their law books” as he covers the basics of law and explains things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the law. His content is engaging yet informative.

Kathleen Martinez

Kathleen is basically  Elle from “Legally Blonde” in real life and serves as an empowering example of a woman in the industry to more than 1.4 million TikTok followers. Her popularity began as she started showing her pink suits and strong voice. She works cases in all 50 states and shares an abundance of immigration law content.

Paige Sparks

Paige shares information only, not legal advice. Paige keeps it real and shares her professional opinion on many cases with over 1.7 million followers. Her feed features FAQ posts about laws.


If you are a veteran, tou have extra legal protections from discrimination at work. #law #legal #lawyer #legaltiktok #lawyersoftiktok #veteran #veteransrights #userra

♬ original sound - Paige Sparks ⚡️

Chrisse Wolfe

Chrisse is an accomplished solicitor, consultant and speaker who has over 13K followers on Instagram. She shows her workdays as a lawyer as well as life outside the office. Chrisse is unique as she shares her story of being a lawyer with ADHD and motivates her followers with her words of inspiration.

Emma — inhousepotter

Emma is an in-house lawyer with more than 10.5K followers. Emma uses her Instagram to showcase the reality of in-house law with her followers and share the good and bad of her profession. Emma shows that being a lawyer has its perks, too, as she travels.

Justin Farrance

Justin is an inspiration to many as a lawyer who focuses on diversity. His 13.8K Instagram followers see his lifestyle outside of the office. Justin is also the founder of a U.K. charity called Grow Mentoring, which he often highlights in his posts.

Brittany Dixon

Brittany is divorce attorney who covers breakups and makeups with more than 45.3K followers on Instagram. The #GirlBoss also takes to TikTok where she reaches larger audiences sharing informative content with over 17.7K followers.

Clay Payne

Known on Instagram as The Payne Lawyer, Clay is a Texas injury lawyer who talks about how he has recovered millions for his clients. He has more than 241K followers who learn what to avoid throughout certain legal processes and answers to common questions.

Kamesha — thelaurrylife

Kamesha is a media and entertainment lawyer who educates her followers on how they can join the industry. Her insights and advice on passing the LSAT caught the attention of more than 14.4K followers. She also gives her opinion on breaking political news and discusses how to develop as a lawyer.

Carlie Spencer

Carlie is a successful family layer, career strategist, fashionista, and lawyer on TikTok who shares her voice with more than 50.4K followers. Her success and incredible insight into the industry entertain and educate her followers. Carlie also shares her incredible sense of style.

Attorney Pish

Attorney Pish is a trial attorney on TikTok who tells his story of recovering more than $150 million through injury-related law. More than 278.6K followers tune in to view his educational content that addresses legal cases. With case reviews and explanations, Attorney Pish has easily become one of the most popular lawyers on social media today.


Things I didn’t Know Before Becoming a Lawyer #lawyer

♬ Dreaming to Fly - Andrea Vanzo


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