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With 5.3 billion views, #nativetiktok is thriving on TikTok as Indigenous people share their culture with millions of people. Videos explaining heritage, how political issues are affecting Indigenous people and helpful videos to break stereotypes are popping up throughout the app. Indigenous influencers take to TikTok to show their culture, stories and spirit while connecting with and educating others.

14 Indigenous influencers on TikTok

Eagle Blackbird

Eagle Blackbird on TikTok has grown his audience to 510,000 followers and 7.2 million likes. Eagle Blackbird believes that laughter is the best medicine and loves creating funny content mixed in with appreciation of people supporting Indigenous culture.

Che Jim

Che Jim has accumulated 1.1 million followers and over 37 million likes on TikTok. He shares Diné-Anishinaabe culture while also calling out negative situations happening in #nativetiktok.

Chante’ – Lokota Lightning

Chante’, who runs Lokotalightning, shares his culture as Oglala and Sićangu Lakota. Chante’ shares a lot of videos about dancinghumor and Native American pride. He hopes to inspire the next generation.

Tawny Cale

With almost 30,000 followers, Tawny Cale is a Lakota-Dakota-Anishinaabe who believes she’s adding beauty to the world, one bead at a time. She creates beautiful bead art as well as proper storage for these pieces.

Jayroy Makokis

At 816,000 followers, Jayroy Makokis has grown his following on TikTok by working to bring everyone together. He also makes rawhide and shows the different tools he uses. He loves having fun with his family and sharing videos with the people he loves.

Kairyn Potts

Kairyn Potts is Nakota Sioux and also has “Two Spirit” in his bio. According to Very Good Light, “The term two-spirit was created by and for Indigenous peoples only in the hopes of creating a safe space where Indigenous queer people can express themselves through their traditional teachings without the threat of culture appropriation and homophobia.” You can find funny, encouraging content with his Native culture mixed in.

@ohkairyn Take action this Indigenous Peoples History Month ✨ LINK IN BIO #IndigenousCanada #Coursera #Ad #nativetiktok ♬ original sound - Kairyn Potts

James Jones

James Jones shares his Native American pride and traditional style hoop dance with his 3.6 million followers. His beautiful videos show his true pride for his culture as well as his real, raw videos about different injustices that have happened to Indigenous people that his followers may not yet know about.

@notoriouscree Give it up for Lazario, he was dancing hard all weekend at the red deer powwow #powwow ♬ original sound - James Jones

Tia Wood

Tia Wood is shining a bright light on her Plains Cree and Salish culture with 2.3 million followers on TikTok. She’s worked with brands to showcase her culture and shares videos about Native American spirits and her home.

@tiamiscihk I dance because it makes me happy. #niken7 @Nike ♬ original sound - Tia Wood

Shina Nova

With 4 million followers, Shina Nova is one of the largest Native voices on TikTok. Shina is Inuuvunga and a throat singer. She works with brands, sharing her culture and traditional homemade Inuit items.

@shinanova My grandparents are residential school survivors. My grandfather never had the chance to tell his story. We will never know what he had gone through in those horrific schools. During our healing journey, we throat sing. We share our stories through our songs. We must acknowledge the truth and keep using our voices for those who didn’t make it back home and for those who went through those horrific experiences. We use our voices for those who are suffering the inter-generational trauma that has and is continuously being passed down. Truth and Reconciliation is not only about hearing the stories of survivors but acknowledging what they’ve been through. My grandfather didn’t have to share his story for us to understand. Our heart goes to all. We hear without hearing. We are here for you. Giving a safe space, Artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket to make sure that history is never forgotten. The art piece contains hundreds of items reclaimed from residential schools, churches and more. These stories are painful, as it is important and informative. We need to know the truth to move forward. Now, you can access the digital Witness Blanket thanks to a partnership between Carey Newman, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and @telus ♬ original sound - Shina Nova

Patuk Glenn

With 142,000 followers, Patuk Glenn is sharing Iñuit culture with her audience. Patuk shares her traditions, funny videos about what’s in her Alaskan home and linguistic history.


In honor of Kivgiq’s theme this year I want to share this message.

♬ original sound - Greg

The Land

This 18-year-old TikToker has grown The Landk’s audience to almost 430,000. He shows Indigenous content while highlighting his dancing. His musical talent is sprinkled throughout his videos and you can feel his pride as Cree and Potawatomi.

Indigenous Zane

If you’re looking to understand and embrace Indigenous content, look to Indigenous Zane’s videos, which are full of history. Indigenous Zane has grown his audience to 140,000 followers by showcasing his own Nahua/Otomi culture and sharing Native American traditions throughout the states.

Tse shá’íí Chíníí

Tse shá’íí Chíníí is here to remind her followers of Indigenous history. As a historian, she shares her Lipan Apache/Shoshone culture. With just over 100,000 followers, Tse shá’íí Chíníí’s content is continuing to help people understand more about Indigenous stories.

Cheyenne Faulkner

Cheyenne Faulkner’s beadwork has helped her grow her TikTok to over 165,000 followers. Her videos are beautiful and relaxing, showing you how she creates her beadwork pieces while also showing her Lumbee and Shoshone-Bannock pride.

@beadsbycheydesigns These beauties will be available on February 4th, 12 pm pst at! #beadwork #beadworktiktok #beadworkforsale #nativeartist #nativetiktok #indigenoustiktok ♬ Kill Bill - SZA


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