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Influencer marketing is an important factor in reaching a younger audience like Gen Zers. These college student influencers are the key to reaching those audiences. If you’re a brand looking to work with young creators or want to see university lifestyle, sports, and beauty content, check out these top college influencers on social media.

18 top college influencers


As a video creator and fashion lover, Lindsiann spends her time outside of class putting together the perfect outfit. She sports a professional look when she’s headed to work or class at USC and goes casual on the weekends. She’s active on YouTube, too, where she creates content on topics like her skincare routine. She has 271K subscribers on YouTube and 212K on Instagram.

Haley and Hanna Cavinder

The Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna, are college athletes with over 4.5 million followers on TikTok. The two basketball players share fun lifestyle content with their followers. 

Reese Regan

Reese Regan is the girl next door who gained 146.8 TikTok followers. The Temple University student is personable and fun, and she shares content that’s relatable. She offers a look into her hobbies and has a YouTube channel that she started when she was 12. 


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Medical student TingTing shares her life in med school with almost 79K Instagram followers. She shows her lifestyle as a student while staying healthy in her wellness era. If you’re looking to work with a college influencer, TingTing is a great choice.

Peyton Daverson

A Chattanooga College student, Peyton takes to Instagram to share beauty tips. She particularly likes doing hair and makeup. She has a fun, aesthetic, black-and-white Instagram feed with over 11.5K followers.

Maya — Syrian Tooth Fairy

Maya is a dental college student who shows her life as a student with 118K Instagram followers. She shares honest tips about college and aesthetic study-with-me vlogs.

Indiana Vargas

Indiana is a college student and content creator with 95.6K TikTok followers. She attends Harvard University and creates videos sharing her life and experience with the college admissions process. Her page is a source of inspiration for young students as she posts content such as being a valedictorian at a school with a lot of them and other funny, realistic college content.

Mia Aston

Mia is a YouTuber who shares her college content with almost 44K subscribers. She shares videos about her college fashion choices and vlogs at NYU. She’s also done videos about traveling and studying abroad.

Audrey Atienza

Audrey is UT Austin student who shares her life as a college influencer on YouTube. Her channel has grown to 150K subscribers. She shares vlogs at school and travel vlogs

Lexi Vee

With 1.44M subscribers, Lexi is a popular college influencer and YouTuber who creates vlogs. Most of her content revolves around being a student, making her space beautiful and living her best life.

Maya — Maya’s Life

With over 7K followers, Maya is a micro-influencer on TikTok who says her page is the “Diary of a College Girl.” A UCSC student, Maya shares a look into her life as a student and why she loves her college.

Jade Bahng

USC student Jade is a TikTok influencer. She has just over 24K followers who see her realistic life as a student, including her little caffeine corner in her dorm room.

Rayne Jamison

Rayne is a college student in Chicago who shares her life with 6K TikTok followers. Her videos are funny and realistic.

Madeline Watson

Madeline is a college student on TikTok. She shares funny videos about FAFSA and focuses her chats on pre-PA students like her. 

Daily College Thoughts

The TikTok account Daily College Thoughts is run by a college student who shares all the ins, outs and funny moments of college. He currently has 77.5K followers who love his relatable and funny videos.

Jaydin Knox

Jaydin is a young mom and student living in Florida. She has 19.7K followers and her day-in-the-life vlogs are a bit different than many other college students and influencers. 


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Makayla Lysiak

With 85.7K followers, Makayla is a college influencer in the film school and entertainment industry. She shares her tips for other college students starting school, advice for college freshmen and vlogs around campus.


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Sofia Drew

Sofia is a college student who shares her life and studying tips with other students on Instagram. Her student life account has grown to 68.2K followers. Whether you’re looking for advice to study for an AP test or dealing with college stress, Sofia will keep you feeling positive about your journey.


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