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Atlanta is a hub for the best food, fashion, real estate and music. These 30 Atlanta influencers use their platforms to highlight what makes the metropolis shine. If you’re eager to stay up to date on the city’s trends, events, style and food, you can’t go wrong following any (or all) of these influencers.

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31 top Atlanta influencers

Adam McCabe — atlfoodiesofficial

With a background in hospitality and a passion for food, Adam has a unique approach to exploring the Atlanta food scene. He has gained an audience of 157K Instagram followers from his detail-oriented food reviews and stunning food videography. Adam is dedicated to seeking out the best hidden gems and hotspots around his city.

Skylar —Serving Looks ATL

Skylar is an accountant turned influencer living in Atlanta. Skylar is a newly married millennial and dog mom showcasing her life and interests on her blog, Serving Looks ATL, and social media. Her 46.7K Instagram followers tune in to see her serving looks while enjoying delicious meals at local businesses. Check out our Q&A with Skylar.

Tay Marsh

Tay’s platform is a source of inspiration for his followers, motivating them to embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle fueled by optimism. He does this by sharing glimpses into his own life, showcasing the principles he lives by. His content revolves around his daily life, family and fitness.

Stephanie Mifsud

Stephanie is a style influencer who posts affordable fashion deals for her 42.2K Instagram followers. She’s dedicated to show her audience how to follow fashion trends on a budget and what deals to keep an eye out for. She often posts hauls from brands like Amazon, Temu and Target.

Curtis McKoy — atlfoodgoals

Curtis notes that his goal is to find the best food dishes in Atlanta and beyond. He takes his 25.9K Instagram followers along with him to various restaurants, like popular Mexican brunch spots and modern Thai eateries. He showcases his culinary adventures with extensive reviews of the menu and the ambiance of the restaurant.

Ekene Olivia

Ekene posts a variety of content including fashion, travel and lifestyle. She lives a luxurious lifestyle of sightseeing in Paris and yachting in Italy. Each destination she visits she’s sure to show off her trendy and unique style, which consists of bright colors, fun embellishments and funky patterns. She’s built an audience of 35.3K Instagram followers by treating her platform as a digital diary of all her trips and experiences.

Kemi Ann — livewithkemi

Kemi is a mom influencer with 53.8K Instagram followers. She documents her life as a wife and a first time mom. She shares glimpses into her life of sweet moments like cooking with her toddler or mommy-and-me playtime. She has worked with renowned baby brands like Coterie, HARPPA and Stokke.

Alexandra Lord — darlinginthecity

Atlanta-based influencer Alexandra shares her knowledge of style, décor, fitness, and beauty with her 34.8K followers. She’s a Revolve ambassador and has worked with other prominent brands like MISS LOLA and Cîroc. Additionally, Alexandra is an avid traveler and shares highlights from her trips with her audience.

Terrell and Jarius Joseph

Fathers Terrell and Jarius exemplify the art of parenting, infusing it with style and fun. Their content ranges from precious family shots to insightful portrayals of the finesse involved in parenthood. They also post relationship advice, Q&As and stories about their family life. The pair has built a large following on multiple platforms having 393K Instagram followers and 211K YouTube subscribers.

Leanna Blake — pulchrcouture

This Rice Award Beauty & Fashion nominee is a stylist, designer and online boutique owner. Leanna, as known as  “Queen Glitterati,” covers fashion shows in Atlanta and shows off her innovative outfits with her 262K Instagram followers.

Sarah Lampley

Sarah posts content revolving around home décor and her family life. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three sons and often features them in her content. Sarah is also the founder of the Legendary Impact Foundation, a nonprofit organization that celebrates community by fostering meaningful connections. She has 33.1K Instagram followers.


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Chrissy Arpie Ott — theperfectpalette

Chrissy Arpie Ott is the creator behind The Perfect Palette, a wedding inspiration and style tips page. She keeps her 126K Instagram followers updated on the latest in wedding gowns, cakes, accessories, floral arrangements and table décor. Her page stands as a paramount source of information for both brides-to-be and wedding guests.

Jake Holland — pizzabeardparty

Jake Holland’s beard might steal the show on social media, but it’s his sense of humor that keeps followers engaged. In addition to beard-care products, Jake reviews and promotes collectibles, music and “geek stuff.” He runs a merch store and has 925.8K TikTok followers  and 113K followers on Instagram.

@pizzabeardparty New personal record here in ATL at Hartsfield-Jackson 🤯🤯🙏🙏 #airportsecurity #NYCC #traveltok ♬ original sound - pizzabeardparty

Malika Bowling — roamilicious

Malika Bowling runs the blog Roamilicious, which focuses on travel, food and lifestyle. She and her photographer husband Glen make for a great influencer team as they explore Atlanta for the best eats. She’s the author of “Food Lovers’ Guide to Atlanta,” and her 49K Instagram followers get a first-hand look at her recommendations.

Jeena Wilder

Jenna shares her journey of navigating motherhood and the unique experience of multicultural adoption with her 479K Instagram followers. Her posts offer invaluable advice for families with multicultural kids, including guidance on fostering connections with their respective cultures and expert tips on styling various hair types. Moreover, Jenna also shares universal parenting insights that can apply to any family. 

Robin Lamonte

Proudly claiming to be an “over 60 influencer,” Lamonte’s Instagram is focused mainly on fashion, beauty, entertaining, and travel. The interior designer boasts more than 112K followers who love her glamorous looks. Her blog, “Hello, I’m 50ish” is focused on fashion, wellness, travel, and home décor.

Melissa Mitchell — abeillecreations

On her Instagram page abeillecreations, Melissa Mitchell’s 58.2K followers are regularly met with bold, bright images that mirror her energy and creativity. The artist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, specializes in wearable art, which can be purchased through her website. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, ESSENCE, and SHEEN Magazine, among other notable publications.

Adam Ali — adamwontlose

It’s the 223K followers that win with the Instagram posts on @adamwontlose. Although the beard sometimes steals the show, it’s fashion, family, and fun keeping his fans interested. Ali’s YouTube channel, #EverydayHustle, is a mix of inspiration and honest commentary about life’s challenges.

Meera Dawn — instylewithmeera

Atlanta-based style influencer Meera Dawn frequently gets fashion inspiration from her travels. Her 41.7K Instagram followers are privy to photos from Rome, Venice, Positano and Paris. She also uses fashion to show off her Pakistani heritage with traditional outfits and jewelry. Fans of her style can view her influencer style page on the LTK app.

Kristen Dior Truitt — atlantafoodguy

For Kristen, what started as a photography hobby turned into a full-time business. Now billed as one of the top sources of “where to eat” in Atlanta, Kristen’s content pulls followers in with crisp, colorful shots of local cuisine. From bakeries and Soul food to vegan and brunch, you can drool over his posts on his blog or join his 137K followers on Instagram.

Steak Shapiro — atlantaeatstv

Emmy winning TV and radio personality, Steak Shapiro is the founder of atlantaeatstv. The media-savvy entrepreneur highlights his favorite local restaurants and bars. With a substantial global following of 217K Instagram followers that eagerly tune in for thorough reviews and insights. He has experienced it all, from Michelin-starred restaurants to charming Irish pubs.

Emily Dong — atlantafortheyoung

Emily has created the young professional’s guide to Atlanta. She keeps her page not only updated with coffee, desserts and restaurants but also concerts and activities sorted by neighborhood. Her 68K Instagram followers are treated to weekly guides on everything from best pizza and favorite healthy spots to top Atlanta rooftops and best breweries in the city. For locals looking to support specific businesses, there are even guides to Asian-owned and Black-owned businesses.

Dayna Bolden

Dayna is a host, model and CEO of Bolden Creative Media. She creates digital content that inspires women to do all things with love, passion and style. Her weekly blog features the latest on lifestyle, beauty and travel, but she prefers the term “change agent” over “influencer.” She’s created marketing content for clients including VH1, Macy’s, Disney, DSW and the WNBA. Her content and hardworking attitude has amassed a following of 244K Instagram followers.

Niya Marie

Niya Marie is a digital creator who refers to her social media pages as a “Moving Lookbook.” The metaphor rings true as her page is filled with outfit ideas and glimpses into her daily life in Atlanta. She has a growing audience of 27.8K Instagram followers and over 5K TikTok followers.

Nikki — iamnikkifree

Nikki is a plus-sized fashion influencer based in Atlanta. She has an elevated style that ranges from elevated classic looks with a twist to eclectic ensembles with unique accessories. With each outfit post, she not only showcases her personal style but gives details into what she’s wearing and imparts expert styling advice.


Anyone can simply WEAR clothes, but it takes creativity and confidence to STYLE a look that tells a unique story that's all your own. Knowing how to style your pieces not only adds versatility to your wardrobe and makes it more expansive, it also greatly maximizes your cost per wear! I will be doing more of these wearing vs styling videos! This is my lane! Outfit Details Dress: @eloquii (old) Boots: @vincecamuto Earrings & Bag: @amazon Belt: @etsy Bracelets: @shopnikkifreecloset (sold out) Sunnies: @gucci #NikkiFreeStyle #howtostyleit #FashionVersusStyle #ExpressYourself #costperwear #over50fashionista

♬ original sound - I Am Nikki Free

Bryan Jean-Pierre — miscfitceo

Bryan is a fitness guru. He is known for his online and in person training programs and ownership of MISCFIT, a thriving gym and fitness studio. He posts exercises that train the whole body, encompassing everything from upper body routines to core strengthening workouts. He serves as a motivating force, inspiring his followers to stay motivated during their fitness journey.

Ryan Light —

Ryan is a trauma healing practitioner and life coach with 550.6K TikTok followers and 158K Instagram followers. His content revolves around helping people deal with their mental health issues regarding anxiety and depression. He’s given advice on topics such as toxic and self-sabotaging behaviors. Peeling Back the Layers of Social Anxiety: The Hidden Role of Self-Worth Ever feel like you’re carrying an invisible weight in social settings? That each step could lead you to judgment or rejection? Social anxiety isn’t just shyness; it’s often a sign of battles with self-worth, deeply rooted in our psyche. 🧠💭 🔍Fear of Judgment: It’s not just about fearing negative evaluation; it’s the haunting belief that we’re inherently not enough. Every social interaction feels like a performance, where one misstep might confirm our worst fears about ourselves. 🌟Seeking Approval: When we don’t believe in our own value, we seek it externally. Every conversation feels like an exam, every silence, a grading of our worth. But remember, your worth isn’t a debate; it’s a statement. 🖤Negative Self-Talk: Be wary of the narratives you tell yourself. If you constantly believe others are better, achieving more, and living happier, you’re waging an unfair comparison war with yourself. Celebrate YOU and your journey. 🛡️Hyper-Sensitivity to Criticism: If a simple remark sends you spiraling, it’s not just sensitivity. It’s a reflection of your inner critic being on constant alert, trying to protect you but instead building walls between you and potential connections. 🌀Avoidance and Isolation: Stepping back to avoid the sting of perceived rejection? It’s a common defense. But in this retreat, we deny ourselves the joy of genuine relationships, further feeding the beast of unworthiness. Healing starts with recognizing these patterns. And healing the root causes of them. If I can help you do that, please reach out 👉 Check out my linked course Heal Your Anxiety and Depression Workshop for a deeper understanding of how you can heal. #SelfWorth #SocialAnxietyRelief #MentalHealthAwareness #HealingJourney #InnerStrength #anxietysupport ♬ Wrath - Sir Chloe

William Bryant — treybryantstyle

With 1.4M followers, William is one of the most popular fashion influencers on TikTok. His consists of men’s style tips and outfit ideas. William notes that he is on a mission to help all men be a better version of themselves. In addition to his fashion content, William provides lifestyle tips that help with confidence and wellness


Which Date Night Outfit are you going with?

♬ original sound - Trey Bryant | Men’s Style

Tiffany Denny — makeupbytiffanyd

Tiffany is one of the OG Youtubers, having started her channel back in 2008. Since then she has cultivated an audience of 883K subscribers. Her video topics include everything from fashion tips, like key pieces to have in your closet, to makeup tutorials, such as the summer glow makeup trend.

Ashley Sims — theaestheticgirl

Ashley is known as theaestheticgirl to her 13.3K Instagram followers.She is an influencer and creative director who specializes in styling, branding, set design and graphic design. She’s also the founder of Humans Before Handles, a luxe jewelry line with innovative designs. Her work is multi-faceted and has been displayed in national publications like Brydie and Cosmopolitan.

Allanah Joi

Allanah is a lifestyle influencer hailing from Atlanta. She has a clean and simple feed filled with elements of her style, insights into her beauty routine and glimpses of her daily life. Allanah has worked with popular brands like Lancôme, Zenni Optical and Kiehls.


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