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Have you seen any of the TikTok #ItsYourGirl trend videos? Videos are popping up all over the social media network using an audio clip from the Met Gala when musician KeKe Palmer interviewed rap star Megan Thee Stallion. Palmer was so excited that she greeted the rapper by saying, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I know it ain’t, I know it ain’t Thee Stallion. You know it’s your girl.”

TikTok fans are using the audio to create their own lighthearted videos that showcase general excitement to see someone. The #ItsYourGirl trend has 433 million views on TikTok. 

Some of the videos created show how excited a dog is when an owner comes home or a baby’s excitement to see a babysitter. Even big names like Ed Sheeran have joined the trend. He made this funny video about his excitement to see his security guard, @securitykevin, who has his very own presence on Instagram as a “Triple A protective security officer to a hobbit.”

So, how can your brand get in on the challenge? Here are some ideas:

Phone screen shows smiling influencer with Tiktok and hashtag icons beside her

3 ways to join the trend

1. Empower women

This moment in time is really all about two women greeting each other with excitement.  If your brand caters to women, you can leverage this trend. Consider working with a female influencer to draw on this excitement. You can find an influencer that aligns with your brand on Shake.

A cosmetic brand might show a woman getting ready for a girls night out. The video could show a sleepy woman powering through her tiredness, putting on some makeup, and meeting her “girls” out for a fun night on the town. 

A retailer could show two women running into each other in their store and shopping together or a restaurant could show two friends getting together to catch up at lunch. 

2. Team up with a client or customer 

This hair stylist created a video with his favorite client to showcase their friendship. Any stylist, massage therapist, nail artist, or even fitness trainer could do the same thing. 

From a brand stand point, think of who you’re excited to see? It could be a favorite client, a coworker, or a vendor. Ask that person to shoot a video with you. 

A local gym could team up with their drink vendor to shoot an #ItsYourGirl clip showing a group of sweaty, exhausted members who are suddenly very excited to see the man who’s restocking the fridge with water and energy drinks, for example. 

3. Surprise a significant other 

Brands that sell gifts can leverage this trend too. You could show a husband making a romantic dinner as a surprise for his wife. She comes home and says, “You know it’s your girl” as she smiles and sits down to eat. 

You could do something similar with any romantic gesture or gift. Take a few shots of a mom running errands, followed by a few shots of her partner wrapping up a “just because” gift. 

Tips to create a TikTok video

If you’re new to the world of TikTok video, joining in on trendy videos might seem a little daunting. To help, here are a few tips to make sure your video gets views:

  • Use hashtags

Like all other social media platforms, to be found on TikTok, you need to use #hashtags. Generally, you use 2-4 hashtags per post. They should be a combination of relevant hashtags and branded hashtags. In this case, for example, you’d use #ItsYourGirl and maybe #KekePalmer along with a hashtag that your brand uses, which could be as simple as #CompanyName. 

  • Smartphone video is just fine

Shooting a TikTok video isn’t the same as shooting a commercial. People are focusing on the messaging, not whether the video is on a tripod and the subject is well lit. While you don’t need to shoot professional video, be sure it’s viewable and well-edited. 

  • Add an effect

TikTok has video effects built into its app. Before posting, you might consider adding an effect to make your video stand out. 

  • Consider adding text to the video

Not all viewers have their volume on. So, a lot of people add text on top of the video to make sure the point of the video gets across even if people aren’t listening to it. Just make sure it is not in the bottom left corner where the caption will be.

  • Give audio credit

If you’re planning to use “borrowed audio,” you should attribute it. A lot of brands add a music note and the musician’s name to their posts to signify the source of the audio. TikTok also has commercial sounds for brands.

With TikTok quickly becoming a popular outlet, more brands and influencers are flocking to it as a way to reach an audience. To learn more about working with influencers to leverage trends, check out this guide, TikTok Influencer Marketing, from IZEA. 

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