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Comparably, the leading online salary and culture comparison platform, has named IZEA founder Ted Murphy a Best CEO for the second year in a row. Our team is thrilled that Ted’s hard work and dedication to IZEA is being recognized. Let’s take a look at why Comparably chose to honor him in back-to-back years.

What makes Ted Murphy a good CEO?

Comparably evaluates CEOs based on their rating scores across categories such as leadership, satisfaction, compensation, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, and more. This allows them to get an overall sense of how employees perceive their leaders and make an informed decision about who should be honored as the best CEOs of 2022.

So why did employees rate Ted so highly? Let’s ask three IZEAns:

Rebecca Curran, Partner, Client Services, Pittsburgh

“Ted breaks the mold of what we think of in a CEO. Not only is he approachable, but he is interested in you as a person and he wants to know what you think. And he isn’t afraid to share failure. He knows in order to do big things you have to fail and he never wants us to let fear stand in the way of greatness. Ted empowers all of us to be part of the vision and he is transparent along the way. Ups and downs, he leads us through.”

Zahra Khan, Talent Acquisition Specialist, McKinney, Texas

“Ted is an amazing person with a very vibrant personality. I was so surprised to see how there’s a direct line to Ted if we need him for anything. My friends at other companies highlighted how rare that is because they rarely even see their CEO. That speaks to how he runs IZEA, too. He is always approachable and always ready to get his hands dirty wherever we need him. He is dedicated, smart and a visionary. He’s also always a good sport!”

Nicole Martinez, Campaign Strategist (NFT/Crypto/Web3), Orlando

“Ted is the best CEO I’ve worked with. He constantly provides energy, guidance and valuable insights, ensuring IZEA is always on the cutting edge of the newest technologies within the influencer marketing world and beyond that with Web3.”

Ted also puts a huge emphasis on personal growth and development; he wants every one of us at IZEA to become better versions of ourselves each day. This means providing us with the necessary resources (mentorship programs, educational materials, etc.) so that we can reach our full potential both professionally and personally.

We are incredibly proud of Ted for receiving this honor from Comparably for the second year in a row. Here’s to achieving more great things together in 2023.