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“Star Wars” has grown beyond the movie franchise to include a variety of TV shows, a magazine, video games, and merchandise popping up on everything from mugs and candy to toys and soap. Fans who can’t get enough of the franchise follow these “Star Wars” influencers on social media for predictions, trailers, news and more.

Top Star Wars influencers — some of whom you can work with on Shake

Star Wars Meg

Meg covers “Star Wars” news, theories and speculation with daily video uploads. Her 103K YouTube subscribers get first looks for new series and new characters, as well as cast announcements. To get the scoop on Easter eggs and release dates, follow Meg to be among the first to know.

Always Believe

Ash and Bryan describe themselves as “a geekly LA couple that enjoys everything Disney and Star Wars” and their channel reflects that description. They’ve filmed themselves at the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel opening and Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening weekend. They’ve reviewed “Star Wars” trailers, movies and games, and have done unboxing videos and antique shopping for “Star Wars” gear.

Sorren Kamper

With a strong presence on Facebook, Sorren’s Star Wars: Gamers has 170K followers who turn to the page for gaming news, along with movie updates, casting news, and memes. This Denmark resident and influencer posts 4-5 a day, so you’re sure to get plenty of content.

WhatCulture Star Wars

Despite having only formed in October 2020, WhatCulture Star Wars already has 82.6K subscribers on YouTube. Covering “Star Wars” movies, TV shows and games, the four hosts pool their knowledge to go in depth on bad siths turned good, minor characters, worst CGI moments, and even mistakes you can’t unsee. For fans who think they know it all, there are plenty of cool facts and insider secrets to test that theory.

Hannah Prouse

A young “Star Wars” fan with “a mild obsession of collecting lightsabers,” Hannah can teach you how to do the windmill swing with a lightsaber. The 19-year-old influencer has quite a collection of lightsabers and does some funny skits with them.

Eckharts Ladder

The Canadian YouTuber behind this channel entertains his 873K subscribers by pointing out details they might have missed when watching, explaining sith warships by era, and what to expect in upcoming episodes and movies. He keeps tabs on the “Star Wars” community for leaks to share on his channel and explains concepts like hyperspace and hyperlanes.

Ordinary Adventures

Another “Star Wars”/Disney couple, Peter and Kitra love to explore theme parks, comic conventions, and travel related to Star Wars. Their specialty is Galaxy’s Edge, a themed area inspired by the franchise, although they’ve reviewed “The Book of Boba Fett” series and “The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” concept art book. Check out their “droid shelf” collection and the new “Star Wars” merchandise they found at Disneyland.

Max Justh

Max’s YouTube channel is dedicated to movie edits, mashups, and parodies of major franchises, including “Star Wars.” Watch Anakin play “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” or  witness Baby Yoda fight Darth Sidious. There are concept trailers and alternate endings, as well as parody trailers that mix up franchises, like this one that combines “Star Wars” and “The Avengers.”

Mike Zeroh

Mike loves all things “Star Wars” and his 187K YouTube subscribers know that’s all they’ll find on his channel. From drama about the cast and plot leaks to character resurrections and juicy gossip from behind the scenes, there’s always fresh content to choose from. If you’re curious about the next “Star Wars” TV series, what George Lucas warned fans about, or why Disney wanted to fire a director, subscribe to his channel.

Lore Star

Dash and Big Z upload videos every other day to this “Star Wars” focused YouTube account, which has accrued 466K subscribers. If you’re curious why the Mandalorian can never remove his helmet, check out one of the detailed explainers. There are entire playlists dedicated to film theories, trailers and “Star Wars” games.

Star Wars Explained

Alex has amassed 732K subscribers on his Star Wars Explained YouTube channel thanks to his insightful commentary and unique videos. In addition to talking about the movies, gameplay, and TV series, Alex reviews books in The High Republic series and shares news about the future of the franchise. Those who are new to the “Star Wars” universe can start with the playlist of videos explaining the basics.

Star Wars Theory

Niatoos Dadbeh is the face behind one of the most comprehensive “Star Wars” channels in existence, Star Wars Theory. He keeps his 3.15 million subscribers engaged with frequent uploads of trailers, new and upcoming releases, predictions, and explainers. Be sure to spend some time looking around on the channel to get the inside scoop on deleted dialogue and leaked scenes.


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