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IZEA is pleased to announce the re-launch of our IZEA Influencer of the Month Hall of Fame. Each month we will highlight two influencers; one from within our SocialSpark network and the other from our Sponsored Tweets network. Influencers chosen for this award are exceptional in terms of overall campaign participation and performance.

SocialSpark Influencer of the Month

1. What originally attracted you to the IZEA/SocialSpark community and how did you find out about it?

I was originally attracted by how easy it was to work with IZEA/Social Spark. I appreciated their professionalism, clarity in directions, and timely responses. I first heard about Social Spark when I was contacted to work on a special campaign.

2. Describe your blog in 140 characters or less…
Southern Savers is a frugal deal blog. I cover the grocery ads for the major grocery stores in the South East as well as several national stores.

3. What inspires you to blog?
I originally started blogging to share the deals I was finding with family and friends. As the blog grew I took on more stores and was able to help a wider audience. My goal is to help others to save at least 40% on their grocery bill.

4. Do you ever get stumped for what to write? How do you overcome this?
I look at email to see what questions readers are asking. I will research their questions to provide readers with meaningful content that matters to them.

6. What do you love about IZEA/SocialSpark?
That they provide campaign options that are relevant to my readers and include quality giveaways.

7. What has been your favorite SocialSpark campaign?
The Boy Scouts: Raising Tomorrow’s Men. My husband is an Eagle Scout so this post fit in very well with my family’s interest. As part of this campaign I was also able to give away $500 in camping gear which my readers loved.

8. How do you actively stay engaged with your audience?
Email, Facebook, and comments on the site all allow me to be engaged. I am able to know what the readers like, are having trouble with, and questions they have.

9. What tips can you give other bloggers that can help set them apart and stand out?
You really need to find something that makes your blog special. There are so many new blogs popping up that you need to have something unique or extra helpful about you blog. You will not gain readership overnight so stick with it and make sure you post quality content.

10. Complete this thought: If I could, I would…
sit on the beach for a month.

Congratulations, Jenny! Read her blog Southern Savers