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To say 2020 has been a rough year would be an understatement. The Coronavirus has completely rocked the world and has ultimately changed the way we live our day to day lives. The air-borne virus with potentially deadly side-effects is still a threat to millions, especially those with compromised immune systems. And what many of us thought would be a 14-day lock-down has turned into a nine-month-long quarantine. However, things are slowly changing for the better as pharmaceutical companies work hard to produce an effective vaccine. On Nov 9, 2020, Pfizer a pharmaceutical company based in the United States announced its COVID-19 vaccine is over 90% effective. BrandGraph, IZEA’s social intelligence platform, recorded a spike in social media content and engagement for Pfizer following their announcement as people celebrate the idea of a COVID-less life.

Also trending this week on BrandGraph were brands like Beyond Meat and the Miami Marlins. BrandGraph tracks and records the performance of these brands across social media platforms. See what got these brands trending by taking a closer look at the Top Trending Brands for this week:

Trending Brands for the Week of November 9, 2020

  1. Pfizer
  2. Miami Marlins
  3. Beyond Meat
  4. Super Bowl
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder

Pfizer is trending on social media after announcing their vaccine for COVID-19 is over 90% effective. Pfizer’s announcement caused their stock to skyrocket as people raced to invest in the company. Pfizer started working on the vaccine back in May 2020 and have run several tests to ensure the safety of it. Their latest vaccine study included over 40,000 participants. According to Pfizer, the vaccine can give protection against COVID-19 for those who had prior exposure to the virus and also provides prevention for the severe COVID-19 disease. Despite these exciting results, many are concerned about the side effects. One participant said they experienced headaches, fatigue, and injection site pain for three to four days after receiving the vaccine. Even though the news of a potential vaccine is excellent, it does not mean the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Health officials are still encouraging everyone to practice social distancing and to wear masks while in public to protect themselves and others from the virus.

Pfizer BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for Pfizer

The Miami Marlins are trending on BrandGraph after naming Kim Ng as their newest General Manager. The news is also trending across social media since Ng is the first woman to hold a General Manager position in MLB history. She will also be the first Asian American GM in MLB. GM’s are typically responsible for controlling players’ transactions and play an integral role in contract discussions with players. Ng is a longtime baseball executive, starting her career in 1991 and eventually worked her way up in the front office of MLB teams. She even went on to be the Senior Vice President of the League. Baseball fans are impressed with Ng’s love and dedication to the sport. And are proud of her for breaking MLB history.

Miami Marlins BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for Miami Marlins

Beyond Meat is treading on social media after Pizza Hut announced their partnership with a plant-based protein company for the Beyond Pan Pizzas. These pizzas feature Beyond Meat’s 100% plant-based Italian Sausage made from pea-protein. Vegetarians, vegans, and those just looking to cut back on their meat intake are excited about this latest collaboration. The Beyond Pan Pizzas are set to satisfy those meat-lover pizza cravings without the sacrifice of animal life. However, it is necessary to clarify that the Beyond Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut are made with cheese from cow’s milk. So they are not vegan, but if you’re vegan and want to give the Beyond Pizza a try just order it without cheese.

Beyond Meat BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for Beyond Meat

On Nov 12, 2020, it was announced that The Weeknd will headline the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show. The Super Bowl is now trending on social media and BrandGraph as fans react to the news and also reminisce on their favorite past halftime performances. Headlining the Super Bowl halftime show is a huge milestone for an artist and is a testament to how loved their music is. The Weeknd fans are excited to see what surprises he has planned and are even putting in requests for him to perform their favorite songs. He is set to perform on Feb 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. Many anticipate he’ll perform his hit song Blinding Lights from his album After Hours, which rose to popularity on Tik Tok.

Super Bowl BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for the Super Bowl

NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder is trending after rumors circulated suggesting the Phoenix Suns were in talks of acquiring point guard Chris Paul. OKC fans did not take this information lightly since Paul had only been with the team for one season. Suns fans, on the other hand, were ecstatic about the news and shared on social media their hopes for Paul to rebuild their team. Paul has had a strong career in the NBA, he’s a 10x NBA All-Star and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist. On Nov 16, 2020, Paul was officially traded to the Phoenix Suns along with OKC shooting guard and small forward Abdel Nader.

OKC BrandGraph Trend

Top Content for the Oklahoma City Thunder

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