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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. What started as a lip-syncing app, TikTok is now one of the most popular apps for all generations featuring a wide range of content.

NFL players are gravitating towards the platform. If you’re a football fan, you can stay in touch with your favorite players on TikTok. Here’s a list of some of the top NFL players to start following.

Ola Adeniyi is a fun NFL player to watch. The Titans linebacker isn’t just interested in football, though. He’s a singer too. He has several videos of himself singing in the car and an empty house that he just moved into when he joined the Titans. His thousands of followers seem to like his musical side.


Best part of the moving process 😂😂...wassup Nashville #Nashville #Musiccity #TitanUp #fyp

♬ original sound - Ola Adeniyi

While some players try to keep their professional and personal lives separate, that’s not the case for Rams Safety Terell Burgess. Out of his two dozen videos on TikTok, only one is about football. The rest of the clips show him trying dance challenges or watching a Disney movie with his daughter.


Definitely my fav dance on this app #fyp 😂😂

♬ Star Song - Sally Sossa & Lil Durk

J.J. Watt recently joined the TikTok revolution. While he only has a handful of clips on his page, they give fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the athlete trains. While he’s relatively new to the platform, he already has 69k followers, which is pretty impressive.


the work comes first. #Summerworkout #nfl #arizona @nfl @azcardinals

♬ Last Breath - Future

Oh, Gronk. How can you not follow this personable, funny athlete? Rob Gronkowski has already surpassed one million TikTok followers and shares videos of him playing with his dog, fundraising, dancing, and eating a giant cheeseburger for an unknown reason. 

You have to follow the legends, right? Tom Brady posts a ton of content about the NFL and encourages people to watch specific games. His TikToks are mostly about football, insights about important games and game highlights.


Training camp starts this week. I’m looking forward to having some actual receivers again…📹: @ari_fararooy

♬ original sound - Tom Brady

Hakeem Valles is an avid TikToker. He posts a little of everything, from happy family videos and life advice to personal stories about the NFL and what playing the sport means to him. He has a solid audience of 272,000+ followers. 


Reply to @koltinnnnn what’s it like on an #NFL practice squad?? #practicesquad #footballinjury #filmstudy


Tennessee Titan’s player AJ Brown has a few videos on his page, but they primarily highlight his plays on the field. His profile page does show a bit of humor, though. His message to fans: “Don’t ask me about your fantasy team, idc. U will be blocked.” (You have to admire his brutal honesty). 

AJ Dillon loves TikTok. The Green Bay Packer has close to 300,000 followers and actively encourages people to follow his page by giving away free signed jerseys. He has a few clips of big plays, but many of his posts are behind-the-scenes info, like his video about Rookie Duties. He explains how rookies are responsible for picking up food for the team. 

Being in the NFL doesn’t mean you have to be in game mode all the time. Russell Wilson is a well-established athlete with millions of followers on Instagram and is now ready to take the TikTok world by storm. He has a handful of videos on TikTok, some of which show off his dancing skills and a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Former NFL legend “Big Bad Brad” is a riot to watch on TikTok. His mad skills on the gridiron landed him a Super Bowl ring with the Bucs back in 2003, but it’s his trick basketball shots and HORSE skills that fans love to watch on his TikTok page. 


BigBadBrad just makes shots! @overtimeszn @barstoolsports #bradjohnson #bucs #vikes #doink #trickshots

♬ Fame - Irene Cara

The Raven’s third-string QB Trace McSorley got a lot of attention for a clever rap video on his page. He has some entertaining clips of his dog and even some fun gaming videos too.

Trey Lance, the rookie QB who just joined the 49ers, recently started a TikTok account. He has a few videos from Draft Day and a few clips of practice, but he’ll likely become quite active now that he’s joined the big leagues. 

The 2021 draft pick Gregory Rousseau is new to the NFL, but he’s already gaining a following on TikTok. He has a clip of his name being called during the draft, among a few other clips. You can watch his TikTok posts for updates on his budding career. 

To get a well-rounded diet of NFL info, be sure to follow the NFL TikTok page. We know this isn’t technically a player’s profile, but 6.6 million fans must be on to something, right? You’ll get daily videos and unique insights about the game and its players on this page. 


if you love someone, give them a pancake today 😂

♬ original sound - NFL

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