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Military families comprise a large community with unique needs. The United States has 1.5 million military family members, which include over 605,000 spouses and 981,000 children as of 2018 demographics. Some families are also dual-military families in which both partners are on active duty. These families need specific information that only military family influencers — or #milfamily influencers — can provide on topics like:

  • Coping with frequent moves
  • Handling the absence of a parent and spouse
  • Worrying about deployment and travel bans
  • Saving money and handling financial difficulties
  • Creating a family home
  • Navigating the return of a deployed family member

Brands can reach devoted audiences by partnering with milfamily influencers.

Social media is an important way of helping milfamilies communicate with one another, especially through dedicated influencers. Many milfamily influencers fall into the nano-influencer range (1,000 to 10,000 followers) and micro-influencer range (10,000 to 50,000 followers).

We’ve gathered some of the most popular milfamily influencers on social media platforms, from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram and Twitter. Discover what makes them invaluable resources to this unique community and how marketers could potentially work with them on campaigns.

Military Family Influencers

  1. Lauren Tamm
  2. Maggie Machado, Sarah Hersch-Valencia and Jackie Dery
  3. T.T. Robinson
  4. Kristal Leon
  5. Xalli Griswold
  6. Alex
  7. Lily Ashley
  8. Krystel Spell
  9. Noralee Jones
  10. Maria Reed

Lauren Tamm is married to an active-duty Marine. Thousands of military spouses and moms flock to her authentic personality and helpful advice on navigating marriage, motherhood and military life. She knows that milspouses prefer to hear real stories behind the struggles of deployment and homecoming so people know they’re not alone.

Lauren offers readers information on relevant topics, including best military gifts, schedules for kids and care packages to send to deployed loved ones. She even has a small parenting and military life shop where she sells eBooks, printable wall art and affirmations for milspouses.

Lauren Tamm military family influencers

Three friends blog about everything you need to know about being a milspouse and more. Maggie is a freelance digital marketer, Sarah is a former teacher who’s gone back to college and Jackie is a certified yoga instructor. Their categories run the gamut of themes, including “Base Guides” and “Taboo Topics.”

They often dispense advice about the general confusion of military life — frequently with humor. Does your brand prefer influencers who give a funny and twisted view on how a product or service can benefit military families? You’ll enjoy working with these milibroads (as they call themselves).

Maggie Machado military family influencers

T.T. Robinson is a writer, Navy wife and mom who tells stories about the people who serve our nation and the families who love them. She salutes military children and milspouses who are launching books. The influencer has also given a holiday house makeover to surprise a Navy family on their return home. Though the tone of her stories is often serious, they vary in topic.

TT Robinson military family influencers

Kristal Leon, a military wife and mom, is a resource for both military and non-military families. She began her social media journey when she found out her husband was deployed. She wasn’t ready for the emotions and began to blog to make sense of her feelings. It has since grown to offer tips, resources and advice. She’s open to product reviews, sponsored content, brand ambassadorships and more forms of influencer marketing.

Kristal Leon military family influencers

Xalli Griswold is a young military spouse who vlogs lifestyle content with the theme of being a military wife. She and her Air Force husband live in Germany, so her perspective is a bit different from stateside milspouses. She focuses on her daily life — messy emotions and all. Many of Xalli’s YouTube videos focus on questions and answers about military life and military couplehood, including having kids.

Xali Griswold military family influencers

Alex is a military spouse and mom to three girls. Her family travels and lives all over the country as an Army family. She began to document on social media when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. She’s expanded her focus to include information on parenting, DIY and craft projects, traveling and recipes for modern-day milspouses.

Alex threelittleferns military family influencers

Lily’s blog is perhaps one of the oldest in the military social media sphere. She began blogging in 2007 for her sanity when she was a stay-at-home mom of six kids and her U.S. Navy husband was constantly deployed. She’s worked with scores of companies, including Disney, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Purina, Dreft and Pampers, but the list is longer.

She frequently discusses her son’s autism and her husband’s PTSD and traumatic brain injury from his duties. Lily is extremely busy and optimistic and seems to always be advocating for brands to promote themselves to milfamilies.

Lily Ashley military family influencers

Krystel Spell’s popular military posts focus on lifestyle, travel and news for today’s milspouse. She also includes military deals and discounts for various products and services on her site. Army Wife 101 works with brands, making the formal introduction and generating awareness throughout the military community. Her sites are a way for viewers to stay in the loop for special events she puts on, especially for Fort Bragg milspouses.

Krystel Spell military family influencers

Noralee, a Navy wife and mom, creates posts that are for any milso (military significant other, meaning girlfriend or boyfriend). She moves every two years and helps other families navigate the lifestyle, which includes new homes, new friends and new deployments. Noralee discusses budgeting and money tips, self-care and recipes among other aspects common to military life.

Noralee Jones military family influencers

Maria Reed does surprise home makeovers for military families. Her video posts focus on home improvement and lifestyle makeovers that help military families turn a house into a loving home. She’s an active duty milspouse, so she understands the struggles and joys of military family life. Her videos also tell the story of the military family that’s moving into the home.

Maria Reed military family influencers

Plenty of milfamily influencers can help their communities live the best lives possible. When you’re looking for the right military family influencers for your brand, head to IZEAx Discovery, a premier influencer search tool. Use this top influencer discovery tool to find experts to get your message out in a trustworthy way.