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Today, kids follow influencers — a new brand of celebrities — and there are plenty of them engaging Generation Z, iGeneration or whatever you want to call the audience in the pre-teen and younger age bracket. Let’s take a look at who the top kid influencers are today, what they post about and why kids — and parents with young kids — want to follow them.

What is a Kid Influencer?

A kid influencer can be as young as a toddler who tests games and toys up to ages 13 to 16 who are part-time teen social media stars posting fashion trends, make-up tricks, car hacks, pranks on family and all kinds of life experiments.

Parents run the sites of young influencers. Instagram, for example, has a minimum age requirement of 13 to open an account. When the parents run the show, posts tend to highlight the “everydayness” of casual and routine moments.

Kids start following influencers before they can even read or write, thanks to easy access to devices and online platforms. Influencers sway kids’ eating, playing and viewing habits because of the lifestyle and products they endorse and promote online. But parents of youngsters also follow these influencers in hopes of keeping up on what’s trendy for their kids.

List of Top Kid Influencers

The most successful kid influencers offer visual and interactive experiences via social media posts and video to capture Gen Z’s attention. Gen Z likes to embrace what’s popular first, and that’s what kid influencers offer: trends.

These top kid influencers are also top earners, many signed up with marketing companies and agents who are digital experts, fetching a kid client thousands of dollars from one branded sponsored video or post. The star of YouTube’s Ryan ToysReview is said to have earned $22 million in a year, just for unboxing and playing with toys sent to him for free, according to Forbes.

We’ve compiled the top 20 kid influencers with followers who span in ages from toddler to teen. You may recognize some of them from their newly minted modeling or acting careers. We’ve listed then here in descending order based on their number of current Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers.

  • Ryan ToysReview, 18M YouTube subscribers can’t get enough of this energetic little toy reviewer.

  • Maddie Ziegler, (maddieziegler), 12.9M people follow this gorgeous teen influencer and dancer on Instagram.

  • MattyBRaps, 11.6M YouTube subscribers listen to the tunes of this heartthrob teen singer who also posts about his life.

  • Jacob Sartorius, (jacobsartorious), 9M people on Instagram follow this teen singer who also uploads videos on his daily life.

  • EvanTubeHD, 6.2M YouTube subscribers watch Evan and his friends having fun.

  • Annie LeBlanc, (annieleblanc), 7.3M Instagram followers keep tabs on this young gymnast and her life.

  • Brooklyn and Bailey, 5.6M YouTube subscribers get a good laugh out of this comical teen sister duo from Texas.

  • Mila and and Emma Stauffer, (kcstauffer), 4.1M Instagram followers catch onto fresh fashion for tiny girls thanks to these twins.

  • Sophia Grace, 3.2M YouTube subscribers follow this teen singer, who also posts about her make-up routines and fashion.

  • Ethan Gamer, 2.4M YouTubers watch this youngster play all kinds of video games.

  • Taytum & Oakley Fisher, (taytumandoakley), 2.6M Instagram users get their daily dose of adorable with these twin preschoolers.

  • Kitties Mama, 2.3M YouTube subscribers follow the adventures of this clan of kids, as they don costumes, play with toys and count down to Christmas.

  • Gabe and Garrett, 1.7M YouTube subscribers watch this fun school-aged brother duo as they visit amusement parks and try out the latest toys.

  • Everleigh and Ava, (foreverandforava), 1.2M on Instagram follow this best-friend team — and their cute clothes.

  • Ava and Leah Clements, (clementstwins), 1.2M people on Instagram get their fashion fix with these pretty twin girls in their tweens.

  • Laerta, (fashion_laerta), 1.2M Instagram followers keep track of what this fashion-forward pre-teen wears.

  • Millie-Belle Diamond, (milliebellediamond), 403K Instagram followers watch this baby model and fashion plate from Australia.

  • Halston Blake Fisher, (halston.blake), 383K people on Instagram have caught on to the newborn baby sibling of Taytum and Oakley Fisher.

  • Ryker, Grey and Wyatt Wixom, (ministylehacker), 301K Instagram followers of this fashionable trio of boys, ranging in from school-age to toddler.