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Happy Pride Day and continued Pride Month!

In celebration of IZEA’s dedication to equality and diversity, the Diversity Committee would like to share a few tidbits about our LGBTQ+ friends that you may not know:

Ever wonder what the colors of the rainbow pride flag stand for? Although there are a few different interpretations, they generally encompass the following:

  • Red: Life, courage
  • Orange: Healing, vision of possibilities
  • Yellow: Sunlight, challenge that green (below) has presented
  • Green: Nature, challenge to strive for understanding
  • Blue: Harmony/peace, providing education
  • Indigo: Spirit, reminder of the less fortunate and the need for cooperation
  • Violet: Warmth, beauty, and friendship

Today marks two years since same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States and all U.S. territories (with the exception of American Samoa). In 2013, 92% of LGBTQ+ adults said they believe society has become more accepting of them than in the past decade. If you Google search “LGBT” or “LGBTQ,” a couple rainbows populate the page margins and header.


IZEA also rolled out our first ever Pride apparel earlier this month. In just under two weeks, we were able to raise $323, all of which will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign at the end of the month. If you’d like to contribute to our donation total, our page is still live – find our items HERE and don’t forget to tag us!

It’s incredible how many events are held throughout the world in celebration of the community. Here are a few notable events from this past month plus a few upcoming (in bold):


Orlando: Disney Gay Days – June 1st to 4th @ Orlando, FL
Orlando: Magical Weekend – June 2nd to 4th @ Orlando, FL
Key West Pride – June 7th to 11th @ Key West, FL
Wilton Manors Pride – June 17th @ Wilton Manors, FL
St. Pete Pride – June 23rd to 25th @ St. Petersburg, FL
Key West: Tropical Heat – August 16th to 20th @ Key West, FL


Chicago Pride Fest – June 17th to 18th @ Chicago, IL
Chicago Pride Parade – June 25th @ Chicago, IL

New York

Queens LGBT Pride – June 5th @ Queens, NY
Long Island Pride – June 9th to 11th @ Long Island, NY
Brooklyn Pride – June 10th @ Brooklyn, NY
Albany Capital Pride – June 11th @ Albany, NY
New York City Pride – June 23rd to 25th @ NYC, NY


Sacramento Pride – June 3rd @ Sacramento, CA
Santa Cruz Pride – June 4th @ Santa Cruz, CA
Los Angeles Pride WeHo – June 10th to 11th @ Los Angeles, CA
OC Pride – June 24th @ Orange County, CA
San Francisco Pride – June 24th to 25th @ San Francisco, CA
San Diego SheFest – July 8th @ San Diego, CA
San Diego Pride – July 15th @ San Diego, CA
SF: Up Your Alley – July 28th to 30th @ San Francisco, CA 


Pride Winnipeg – May 26th to June 4th @ Winnipeg, Canada
Pride Toronto – June 1st to 25th @ Toronto, Canada
Edmonton Pride – June 9th to 18th @ Edmonton, Canada
Regina: Queen City Pride – June 17th @ Regina, Canada
Victoria Pride – July 1st to 9th @ Victoria, B.C., Canada
Halifax Pride – July 20th to 30th @ Halifax, Canada
Vancouver Gay Pride – August 6th @ Vancouver, Canada

For all other events around the world for the rest of the year, feel free to check out the whole 2017 Pride Calendar HERE!

That’s all, folks! “Now fill the world with music, love, and pride.”

IZEA Pride