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Every day, around 500 million people open up Instagram on their phones. That makes it one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. People don’t just use Instagram, they actively engage with it. Research from Forrester found that people are considerably more likely to like or comment on Instagram posts than they are on Facebook or Twitter posts. And then there’s the influencers. It’s uncertain exactly how many influencers are on Instagram. But it’s easy to see that the social media platform is full of people who have sizable followings and decent engagement rates. How can your brand find influencers on Instagram? One option is to use an Instagram influencer marketing platform. An influencer marketing platform does a few a things.

First, it lets you search for Instagram influencers. You can search in a few ways, such as by demographics, rating, or reach. Once you find a potential influencer, you can read their profile and see examples of their most recent posts.

An Instagram influencer marketing platform also allows your brand to manage various components of creating an influencer marketing campaign. Not only can you find influencers, many platforms also let you connect with them directly. They provide tools to help with the negotiation process, as well as the process of creating and approving influencer content.

Once the campaign is up and running, a platform can allow you to track its performance on Instagram. That way you know your metrics on shares, likes, comments, as well as overall reach.

Why Use an Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using an Instagram influencer marketing platform is that doing so takes the hassle out of finding influencers on Instagram. The rise in influencer marketing means that more people than ever before are calling themselves influencers, even if they’re not really true influencers.

An article in the “Atlantic” highlighted the issue that some brands (notably hotels) are getting messages from unproven influencers asking for freebies in exchange for posts.

While using an influencer marketing platform might not prevent you from getting cold calls, it will make it easier for you to find influencers that are a good match for your brand, based on their subject matter, reach, and track record.

Working with an Instagram influencer marketing platform also simplifies the process of influencer marketing for your brand. Instead of having to scramble to keep track of who’s contacted whom, or figuring out a way to track and analyze campaign posts on your own, you can use the features built into the platform to do so.

Some platforms also give you the option of connecting with real people through managed services. For example, if your brand needs help developing a cohesive influencer marketing strategy, a platform can be a valuable resource.

Are Some Brands Better Suited for Instagram Than Others?

Instagram has more than eight million business profiles. The platform claims that at least 80 percent of accounts follow at least one business on the site.

It’s a visual platform, allowing people to post still images or short videos. The Stories feature lets people post images or videos that expire after just 24 hours. Stories are often a lot more casual and less polished than standard Instagram posts.

With its focus on the visual and laid-back nature of its Stories, is Instagram better for some types of brands over others? While it’s definitely a popular platform for food brands, fashion companies, and companies in the travel and tourism industry, there’s really no one brand or business types that’s not a good fit for Instagram.

If you’re wondering if Instagram or working with an Instagram influencer is right for your brand, here are a few things to ask:

  • Do people who use your products or services use Instagram?
  • Are there influential people in your business’ niche on Instagram? If so, how does their Instagram reach/engagement/follower count compare to their reach/engagement/follower count on other platforms?
  • Do you produce a product or service that can be captured visually?

How To Choose an Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform

If you’re going to work with an Instagram influencer marketing platform, there are a few things to pay attention to. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right platform for your brand.


If your primary reason for using an Instagram influencer marketing platform is to find and connect with influencers, you better make sure the platform has a good selection of influencers to choose from.

Some platforms limit the type of influencers they work with, while others have a more open-door policy and will include influencers with a range of followers or engagement rates, and who focus on a variety of different subjects or niches.

It can be tempting to choose a platform based on the number of influencers it has, but with the rise of fake accounts and wannabes without a proven track record, it’s often better to look for a platform that focuses on the quality of influencers rather than sheer numbers.

Collaboration tools

Once you’ve found your influencers, how should you go about creating the content and posts for the campaign? Look for a platform that has tools to help you throughout the content creation and approval process. Some platforms even include features that help you confirm that all the content your influencers create complies with legal requirements.

Transaction and payment tools

How much should you pay Instagram influencers, and when should you pay them? A platform that has bidding features that allow you to negotiate with influencers can be particularly helpful. So can a platform that manages payments for you, taking the hassle out of making sure everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time.

Analytics tools

How are your influencer’s posts performing? Does having an influencer post at a certain time of day boost engagement? Analytics tools give you an idea of whether a particular influencer partnership is proving to be fruitful or not.

Platform history

How long has the platform been around, and what are the backgrounds of the people who put it together? New Instagram influencer marketing platforms seem to pop up daily. You want to work with one that has years of experience in the field.

Other customers

It’s also worthwhile to pay attention to who other customers of the platform are, and to what their experience has been using it. Look for testimonials, campaign examples, or a list of customers. That way you get an idea of the type of work the platform creates.

Finding influencers is just the first step. An Instagram influencer marketing platform can give you the tools and assistance you need to help streamline your influencer campaigns.