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Dogs are adorably messy, loving, loud, and every other adjective under the sun…and they’re also better at social media marketing than you. Instagram Dogs mastered the tricks and trades of social media marketing and garner a larger following than most humans. They can’t even talk and sometimes eat their own poop, yet they’re still beating you and your brand on Instagram. So the question is, how do they do it? Come to the bark side and find out!

Listen to what your audience wants

The account owners of Instagram Dogs listen to their audience and post what their followers want to see. Simply posting only what you want to post will not work. It’s time to put your thoughts and ego to the side and start listening to those who follow you. Remember, at the end of the day the opinion of your audience always needs to come first. Look at what your audience reacts the best too. What types of posts are driving engagement and what posts aren’t? Take that data and use it to guide you in future posts. If there’s a particular post that did extremely well, don’t overlook it! Gear your other content to be similar to it so that you can continue to get those reactions.

Stay relevant

Posting about something that happened six months ago isn’t going to get you very far. You need to always keep an eye on what’s trending and get in on the conversation. When a big movie is making a debut, a red carpet for the hottest Netflix series is going down, the holidays are around the corner, or a presidential debate is happening, those Instagram dogs are the first to get in on the action. They dress themselves up to theme and immediately post about it. This shows their relevance and their ability to jump in on a topic that is already being talked about. They enter into an already trending topic and just move that chatter over to their account. This helps create more traffic for their account and posts. A great example of a pup that always seems to be in the know is Chloe Kardoggian™. If you want to learn a thing or two, grab some pup-corn and watch Chloe, at 122k followers, do her thing!

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Use strong graphics and videos

Your graphics need to be professional and compelling. Grainy poorly lit photos are a major no. It shows a lack of care and expertise which will deter followers from coming back. Strong captivating photos are what draws people in. Also, don’t be afraid to use videos. They’re a great visual aid that can change things. Pro tip: make sure your videos can be understood and well perceived with and without the sound on because research shows that most people haven’t been watching videos with the sound on! Change your graphics up and get creative with the content that you put out there. As the quote goes, “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and it’s also worth a thousand followers if you do it correctly. Post infographics, humorous photos, gif’s, and other visuals that can create conversation and generate traffic on your page.

Use your resources and work with influencers

Getting your Instagram account off the ground in the beginning can be difficult. However, if you play it smart, you’ll be able to watch your account grow. One of the most effective ways to get your feet off the ground is to utilize influencers who already have a strong following. Prove to that influencer that you can be of service to them and work on creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This can also be done by doing a collab with another high-level influencer. Collabs make things interesting, entertaining, and relatable. It’s crucial to choose the right influencer that matches your brand. Choosing an influencer that has nothing to do with your brand is not going to get you very far. When you pair with an account that matches your brand, their followers will look to you as another source of relevant content and the possibilities will become endless.  

Use hashtags effectively

Know what hashtags fit your brand. Find out which ones are the most successful in the categories that relate to your content and utilize them. Hashtags are what help you get exposure to people who don’t already follow you. It’s one of the easiest and most powerful tools to use. If it’s done correctly it can really get your content noticed. It helps group your content into the category that it belongs in, that way it can reach the people who have an interest in that category. With the proper time and research, brands can find (or create their own) hashtags to boost traffic and get their content noticed.

Aside from Instagram dogs having an immense cuteness factor, they know how to capture their followers attention. Their posts are timely, relevant, and always stay current, making sure they’re in on all the latest trends and conversations. This all might sound a little ruff but we certainly can learn a thing or two from these adorable Insta-famous pups! 

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