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Influencing the Metaverse

We took a deep dive into the metaverse. It sounds like science fiction, but the metaverse is already here, and social media influencers are already there, shaping how this digital space will grow and evolve.

We surveyed 1,000 social media users and influencers to compare (and contrast) their early thoughts on the metaverse—what they think about the tech, who should create it, what we’re capable of in it and what it all means for us going forward.


  • 56% of all influencers, compared to 12% of social media users, participate in the metaverse right now.
  • 71% of social media users support ads and brand partnerships in the metaverse. 
  • 51% of influencers are actively considering ways to make money in the metaverse, and 21% are already making money in this space.
  • 85% of all influencers have played virtual world games like Minecraft and Fortnite.