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The State of Influencer Equality®

2023 Report

IZEA is committed to leading the charge for greater equality and inclusion in influencer marketing. We release The State of Influencer Equality report, which now contains $70 million worth of data from our platforms over the past eight years, to empower our customers and creators with the knowledge to make informed decisions that drive positive change in the Creator Economy.


  • Over the past eight years, average earnings have dramatically risen for influencers of all races and sexes.
  • Influencer marketing deal flow to racial minorities has reached a new high at 46%, surpassing their numbers in the United States population.
  • Female influencers continue to dominate influencer marketing with 77% of all transaction volume in 2022, but their share of deal flow is the lowest since our reporting began in 2015. 
  • For the first time, adults aged 55-64 were the highest-earning influencers.