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Welcome to our Champion the Creators interview series with influencers of all niches to highlight their journeys, share their insights and inspire! Today we are talking all about influencing with Eryka of Busy Little Izzy.

Meet Eryka, the mom and teacher turned creator behind On Instagram, she shares recipes, family activities, educational kids’ activities, and mental and physical health wellness content with her 76.6K followers.

Eryka says she started her blog in 2015 to help others.

“My mission for @BusyLittleIzzy is to bring everybody a little bit more awareness for mental health and physical health and just overall positivity and help everyone feel healthier, happier and live better lives,” she said. “BusyLittleIzzy has changed a lot over the years. At this point, I want to bring a lot of mental and physical health and awareness to others and bring a more positive outlook on life.”

Eryka’s blog and social media platforms are named after her daughter, Izzy. 

“I was just sharing my daughter wearing her cute little outfits. Being an educator, I would share fun activities to do with babies and toddlers and my friends. I had two friends in my mom group that were influencers and they said, ‘You know, you can make money doing this.’”

Since then, she’s enjoyed connecting with her community.

“I think what gets me most excited would be the fact that I get to reach so many people,” Eryka said. “I make connections with so many people. I really enjoy socializing and teaching. And so I also get to teach people, whether it’s educational, fun activities to do with their kids, or fun products.”

She’s also had the opportunity to work with IZEA brands for more than four years.

“I love working with brands,” she said. ‘What I really love about working with brands is connecting with them, creating a long-term relationship and almost becoming family with them. You get so close to them just like I do with my followers, and that’s probably my favorite part of it.”

She has enjoyed working on IZEA campaigns.

“I think working with IZEA is a dream,” she said. “They are like a family. They understand that life happens and they always understand your value, but they also understand the value of their brand. So they’re always looking out for everybody and it just moves smoothly.”

Eryka’s excited about pitching brands in The Creator Marketplace®.

“I know that’s going to bring a lot more opportunity for influencers,” she said. “I think casting calls and the ability to pitch brands is incredible. It’s my favorite thing to do. I’m constantly cold-emailing brands and companies that I want to work with, but to have it all in one little place is perfect.”


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